Mini-Paintings Inspired by Famous Works of Art - Kid's Craft

Jeremy Owl helps his animal friends make tiny paintings, inspired by some of their favorite works from art history. Then, the animals have an art show in the Lodge!
Juliette Rabbit paints "Squash Blossoms" by Georgia O'Keeffe
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Emma and Oliver's Valentine Necklaces

Emma and Oliver make braided necklaces for their friends for Valentine's Day. They use embroidery thread and beads. They have to do braiding and math.
Hazel Village - Braided Valentine's Necklaces
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Emma Rabbit Shows How to Make A Braid

Emma Rabbit teaches Oliver Mouse how to make a perfect braid! 
Oliver Mouse Makes a Braid
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Making a Toy Box for Lucas Rabbit

When Lucas Rabbit saw his sister Zoe Rabbit's painted storage trunk, he thought he would like something similar. Lucas really wanted a red toy box with pictures of his favorite toys on the inside. His friends Juliette and Max helped him make one! Here's how they did it.
Hazel Village Craft Society, Lucas Makes a Toy Box
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Lucy Makes Books

Lucy Owl decided to make tiny books for her animal friends. She used paper, cardboard, needle and thread, and lots of glue.
Hazel Village - Lucy Makes Books
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