DEEP IN A LEAFY GROVE... live the clever animals of Hazel Village, happy and free. They keep their perky ears attuned to the sounds of their forest home, and spend their time making thoughtful presents for their neighbors.

NESTLED IN BROOKLYN, our workshop is almost as magical as the animals' home. We, the clever humans of Hazel Village, spend our time bringing you organic, ethically-made toys and clothing. When you can, we hope you'll visit us!

I STARTED HAZEL VILLAGE in 2010 (over ten years ago!), making the toys I would have wanted as a child. I wasn't sure if anyone would want to buy them, but they did and I was busier than I could imagine. Now we have a team of 15 people, we have our own store in Brooklyn, and we have sent so many animals far and wide!

It’s important to me that I run the business in a way I would want my daughter to see. I'm really proud that we partner with social enterprises around the world to make our products. These organizations have missions to empower artisans with job skills, dignified work, and fair wages. It definitely costs a bit more to make toys this way, but we believe it’s worth it. We find that when workers care about their craft, it shows in their beautiful work.

CLOSER TO HOME, we live our values by providing full-time jobs with benefits; contributing to nonprofits that care for families and the earth; and minimizing waste in our production, packaging and shipping. Most importantly, we make toys with the quality, play value, and sheer emotional appeal to stick with a child for the long haul. When you shop with us, you make all of this possible. Together we can make the world a little better for all kids. Thank you, friend!

As Seen In

Where they are made

We love getting to know the artisans who make our toys. Here's a little more about where we work:


The artisans of Peru have an incredible history of handicrafts - including knitting and embroidering with alpaca and wool; growing fine Pima cotton; and weaving baskets and hats from grasses and palm fibers. Little by little, we're discovering more ways we can work together. We work directly with these groups of artisans and not through a middle man, to make sure proceeds make it into the hands of those making the product. The animals have never been so well-dressed!


Our partners in Nepal are primarily a factory, but they have a social mission to preferentially hire survivors of trauma or discrimination. They provide job training, personal development programs, fair wages, and (delicious) breakfast and lunch every day. When I visited in 2022, I could tell that love and consideration permeated all they do. I can't wait to go back!


Our Cambodia production is run by our partner San, who has a long history of training, mentoring and teaching sewing. We first connected with San through an NGO that was employing her, but which unfortunately closed down operations in 2020. When that happened, we were able to step in and provide funding so San could open up her own workshop and keep a team of 17 people employed with safe, reliable, and fairly paid work. These artisans now make all of our mini animals and lots of doll clothing as well. With her expertise guiding them, the quality of work that San’s team produces is truly exceptional! Read more about San's story & our Cambodia team here.


Our latest partnership is with a small, family owned workshop in Colombia. Our partners in Colombia specialize in making doll clothes. Making tiny things is no easy task, so we couldn't pass up working with them. They really understand how much detail goes into making tiny garments!


Of course, the closest to my heart is our production setup in Brooklyn. Without access to local production, we could bring you a lot of cute stuff, but we couldn't go the extra mile and make my craziest design dreams come true. I've learned so much about different industry equipment and techniques, and where to shop for any fabric. And I could wax poetic about all our sewing machines, which I love, but that is a story for another time.

A Guide to Hazel Village

In case you're wondering what the Hazel Village animals do all day, or where they garden, or who is neighbors with whom: check out this map of their village. A full Village map tour can be found here.