Valentines: Part 1

Oliver Mouse with homemade Valentine's delivery box

In late January Oliver Mouse asked the other animals who they thought should be put in charge of deliveries for Valentine’s Day. And the other animals said, “you, of course!” because Oliver did the valentines every year. So he put the Valentines Box in his yard.

Catalina Mouse holding homemade Valentine

Catalina Mouse and Gwendolyn Raccoon decided to work on their valentines together. Catalina said, "I have lots of paper and craft stuff. Let's go to my house!"

Tracing envelopes for homemade Valentine cards

They decided to make their valentines really special with custom envelopes. So they very carefully took apart a regular envelope Catalina already had and traced the shape onto different kinds of pretty paper.

Folding homemade Valentine's envelopes

Then they cut out the new envelopes and folded them to match the old one.

Applying glue to homemade Valentine's envelopes

They were careful to glue them together the same way the old one had been glued.

Finished homemade Valentine's envelopes

Their new envelopes did not have a sticky part to lick, so they closed them with a tiny bit of glue after the valentines were inside. Sometimes they used tape or a sticker instead.

Gwendolyn Raccoon

When Catalina took a break to get them some cookies, Gwendolyn quickly made Catalina’s valentine and hid the envelope in the middle of the pile. 

Catalina Mouse with homemade Valentine's envelopes

And when Gwendolyn got restless and took a break to see if the pond was still icy, Catalina made Gwendolyn a valentine and hid it inside her bonnet.

Catalina Mouse with homemade Valentine's envelopes

By late afternoon they had made valentines for everyone. They pranced back to Oliver’s with their piles of pretty envelopes and stuffed them all in the box. Except they had to kind of squash the last few in, because the box was getting pretty full!

If you want to make your own tiny envelopes, you can download this printable PDF. We used origami paper and Elmer's glue. Have fun!

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