May Day Bunting

May Day Bunting -- Lucas and Ella made a bunting

Lucas and Ella made this bunting for May Day. Here is how they did it.

May Day Bunting -- Lucas traces onto fabric

First, Lucas traced a triangle-shaped pattern onto fabric pieces, and cut along the lines until he had many triangles.

May Day Bunting -- Lucas made a LOT of triangles!

He made two triangles for each flag. Ella said, “That is a TON of triangles!” Actually, it was 40 triangles, which is enough for 20 flags. 

May Day Bunting -- Sewing the triangles together

Then, the friends stitched the triangles into pairs  to make double-sided flags. Each flag had two pieces, put together with the pretty sides touching. They used a needle and thread to sew the long sides of the triangle. They left the short side open.

May Day Bunting -- Turning the triangles right side out

When they turned the triangles right side out, they had reversible flags with neat, finished edges. Some had matching fabric on each side, and some had contrasting fabric. 

May Day Bunting -- Lucas making the points pointy

Lucas used a sharp stick to make sure each flag’s point was as pointy as possible.

May Day Bunting -- Ella irons the triangles

Ella used her hot ironing rock and mitts to flatten each flag. (If you don’t live in the forest and you want to do this project, you could get a grownup to help you use an iron and a sewing machine). 

May Day Bunting -- Arranging the triangles

Finally, the friends arranged the flags in a line, and sewed it together with a binding of folded ribbon. They left enough ribbon on each end to tie the bunting to a branch. 

May Day Bunting -- Hanging the bunting outside

On the first of May when the sun came up, the animals hung the bunting in the forest. They did all the May Day songs and dances they had been practicing. And they exclaimed loudly, "Happy May Day!"

Do it at home!

If you want to do this project at home, you can download a PDF pattern here. It has patterns for animal and human-sized buntings. You can sew it by hand or with a sewing machine. And you can share photos of your work on our facebook page!