Lucas Draws Gwendolyn's Portrait

What should Lucas draw?
One day, Lucas sat down with his art supplies. "What to draw?" he mused. "I guess I could always design another swamp fort."
Gwendolyn compliments Lucas's swamp fort

Then, who should happen by but his friend Gwendolyn? The raccoon girl said, "Nice swamp fort! Mind if I stand here and watch you draw?" This gave Lucas a great idea. He asked, "Gwendolyn, will you pose for a portrait?"

Gwendolyn loves standing!

 "Most certainly!" said Gwendolyn, "In fact, standing still is one of my best talents. I try to just relax and let my thoughts wander." 

Lucas drew her portrait

So Gwendolyn stood still for quite a while while Lucas drew her portrait.

Draw your friends

If you're trying to think of something to draw, you too could draw portraits of your friends. You could ask them to stand still and pose for their portrait, or you could draw from memory. You could even make a portrait gallery with lots of friends' pictures!