Lucy Makes Embroidered Valentines

This year, Lucy Owl made embroidered valentines for her friends. She said she wanted to do something with a real "wow" factor, which is where people say, "Wow!" when they see the thing. 

Lucy says she can't be sure how much of a "Wow" factor there was, because she wasn't with her friends when they got their embroidered valentines. But anyway here is how she did it:

Lucy took some red felt, and drew heart-shaped designs on it. The designs were not too complicated, just some hearts and the first letters of her friends' names. But she was careful to make the letters as pretty as she could.

Then she embroidered over the lines of her drawing. She used back stitch, which goes like this. She said, "As long as there are stitches covering the lines, it will have a 'wow' factor."

Lucy did not use an embroidery hoop to hold her work in place. She says the felt was sturdy enough that her stitches would not bunch up.

Actually she said, "Embroidery hoops are for babies," but then she realized that some of her best friends use embroidery hoops, and that it is a matter of personal preference.

Once all the letters and hearts were embroidered, Lucy cut out the felt hearts. She was careful to stay a little bit outside the stitching so she wouldn't snip the threads. 

Here are some of the valentines Lucy made. There is an R for Reginald, an E for Emma, and an F for Flora. But of course she made one for every animal in the village, because that is the nice thing to do.

This is a fun project to do at home. You can download Lucy's fancy Valentine's Day alphabet here. You can learn more about back stitch and other embroidery stitches here. And you can share photos of your work on our facebook page.

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