Juliette's Fancy Picture Frames

Juliette Rabbit loved the paintings in her parlor, but she wanted them to have fancy and refined picture frames. Here's how she made it happen.

Hazel Village - Fancy Mini Picture Frames

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Clay Beads

Hazel Village - Making Clay Beads
Owen and Zoe make clay beads for their friends.
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Getting Ready for Spring

Hazel Village - Seed Balls Kids' Craft
Reginald and Annicke make seed balls: little pellets of clay, dirt, and seeds. This way, their friends can help them get a head start on spring planting. 
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The Animals' Art Show

Jeremy Owl helps his animal friends make tiny paintings, inspired by some of their favorite works from art history. Then, the animals have an art show in the Lodge!
Hazel Village - Mini Paintings from Art History
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Emma and Oliver's Valentine Necklaces

Emma and Oliver make braided necklaces for their friends for Valentine's Day. They use embroidery thread and beads. They have to do braiding and math.
Hazel Village - Braided Valentine's Necklaces
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