Gracie Gets Cabin Fever

Gracie Cat Cabin Fever

The other day when it was raining, Gracie Cat felt a little stir crazy.

"I wanted to practice cool flips and gymnastics moves today," she said, "but there isn't enough room inside and it's too slippery outside."


Gracie Cat Cabin Fever Kicking the Wall

Gracie did not know what to do with herself. She kicked the wall a little and imagined her most awesome flip.

Gracie Cat Cabin Fever -- Lewis Arrives

Just then, who should darken her door but Lewis Toad? Lewis, being a toad, loved the rain. "Hullo, Gracie!" said Lewis. "I heard someone flailing around in here. What's going on?"

Gracie Cat Cabin Fever -- Lewis's Basket

"I'm so booooored!" said Gracie. She noticed Lewis had a basket of flowers. "What are those?" she asked him.

Gracie Cat Cabin Fever -- Lewis's Basket

"These are chamomile flowers. They actually make a soothing tea. Would you like some?"

Gracie Cat Cabin Fever -- Making Tea

Gracie said she might as well, so she and Lewis heated up some water on the stove. When the water was hot they added chamomile blossoms and let them steep. They left the tea alone for five minutes.

Gracie Cat Cabin Fever -- Stirc-crazy Dance

While they were waiting, they sang the Stir Crazy Song. And they did the energetic dance that traditionally accompanies the Stir Crazy Song. It goes like this…

Gracie Cat Cabin Fever -- Stir-crazy DanceUggy buggy, ticky ticky, tock tock tock....Mayonnaise and mustard, shoe and sock...

Gracie Cat Cabin Fever -- Stir-crazy Dance

...We shake our paws and sharpen our claws...

Gracie Cat Cabin Fever -- Stir-crazy Dance

...Snip, snip, paper, paper, rock, rock, rock!

Gracie Cat Cabin Fever -- Making Tea

Finally their tea was ready. Gracie poured it into cups, making sure not to pour in too many flower bits.

They added a little honey, and drank their tea with some morsels of bread Gracie had. 

Gracia Cat Cabin Fever Gymnastics Drawing

Gracie felt better. She thanked Lewis for making her chamomile tea. And she spent the rest of the afternoon drawing pictures of her gymnastics routine.

Gracie Cat Cabin Fever -- Lewis hangs chamomile

Lewis puddled home and hung up his chamomile to dry in little bundles.

You can make chamomile tea at home, too! We got our chamomile from the farmer's market. Ask a grownup to help you heat water on the stove or in the microwave. Be careful!

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