Valentines: Part 2

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As Valentine’s Day approached, Oliver monitored the progress of the valentine box. He did this mainly by peering out his window to see who put valentines in. 

Sometimes he scurried out and emptied the box’s contents into his mailbag. He wondered how many were for him, but as the official valentine collector he felt it would be inappropriate to peek at the names on the envelopes.

On Valentine’s Morning, Oliver sorted all the mail and got ready to make the deliveries. 

He went from house to house, giving each animal his or her valentines. He said, “Many happy returns of the day!"

As he walked, he sang a little song: 

I've been delivering Valentines, All the live long day! I’ve been delivering Valentines - What more can I say?

After Oliver had visited all the houses on his route there were still a few valentines left in the bag. These were for him! He hurried back home to open them. Here’s some of what he found: Max made a card out of a postage stamp from his collection.

Flora gave him a pink candy heart to nibble.

And Jeremy painted him a tiny portrait of how they were friends.

It took Oliver nearly an hour to open all his envelopes. By then it was time for the Valentines Day Party at the lodge. Oliver donned his special red velvet tuxedo jacket and hurried to meet his friends. He was pretty sure it was the best Valentine’s Day ever.

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