Watercolor Illustrations of Hazel Village: Behind the Scenes with Jane

We're celebrating the launch of our art prints! Go behind the scenes with Jane and learn about her painting process here. 

Hazel Village Watercolor Sketch

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Tending the Beehive with Nicholas Bear Cub and Catalina Mouse

To celebrate the National Honey Bee holiday that the animals would definitely also be into, we made this art print of Nicholas Bear Cub and Catalina Mouse tending their beehive. Read more about it inside!
Nicholas Bear Cub and Catalina Mouse Beekeeping Print
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How To Keep Bees with Hilary Kearney

In this blog, Jane interviews Hilary Kearney aka @girlnextdoorhoney, beekeeper and author of Queenspotting and The Little Book of Bees. Read their Q&A inside!

Beekeeper Hilary Kearney

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Annicke and Jeremy's Guide to Butterflies of the Field and Forest

Want to learn how to spot different types of butterflies? Annicke Mouse and Jeremy Owl love to go looking for butterflies to draw. Read their field guide inside, and get a butterfly printable for coloring! 

Annicke Mouse and Jeremy Owl look at butterfly painting

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Take a Peek Inside Our Workshop

Friends, we wanted to show you how we make Tea Party Dresses for Dolls in our Brooklyn workshop! Peek inside to see how it's done. 

Rollling fabric

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