Take a Peek Inside Our Workshop

Friends, we wanted to show you how we make Tea Party Dresses for Dolls in our Brooklyn workshop! Peek inside to see how it's done. 

Rollling fabric

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The Hazel Village Guide to the Best Baby Gifts

We've been helping people shop for new baby gifts for a while now. To help you out, we made a section on our site with some of our favorite and most popular new baby gifts. Pick something from here, and you can't go wrong! We dare say, you might win the baby shower.

Feathers Swaddle Matching Outfit Bundle
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Oliver Mouse’s Cloud Guide

Oliver Mouse tells us he is very interested in clouds because one of his “duties” is to predict the weather for that day, and “there’s nothing like clouds for guessing the weather.” Discover different types of clouds in this blog post!

Oliver Mouse Discovers Different Clouds

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The Animals Have a Grand Banquet of Welcome

When Peaseblossom Unicorn appeared in the Night Meadow and surprised the other animals during the Firefly Ball, they promised to hold a Grand Banquet to welcome her. Those animals sure do love to entertain! 

Hazel Village Grand Banquet Illustration

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How Peaseblossom Unicorn's Human Friends Welcomed Her

Now that Peaseblossom Unicorn has come to stay at Hazel Village, we have updates from some of the human households she has graced with her royal presence. 

Child with Hazel Village Dolls


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