Create Your Own Hero Girls of the Forest Book

Learn how to make your own copy of Hero Girls of the Forest book. Find all the steps you need inside. 

Hero Girls of the Forest book

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Celebrating Egg Day at the Village

In the springtime when the moon was high in the sky, the animals got ready for Egg Day. “First things first,” said Flora, “We can’t have Egg Day without eggs!”
Hazel Village friends with their dyed eggs
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How To Make Harvest Baskets

In autumn, the animals made plain and fancy baskets to hold the foods they grew. Read how they made baskets to hold their harvest!
Zoe Rabbit makes harvest basket
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How to Craft Tiny Paper Flowers

Lewis Toad shows Catalina Mouse how to make tissue paper "everlasting flowers" that the animals can enjoy all year long. Take a peek inside! 

Catalina Mouse and Lewis Toad make tissue paper flowers

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How to Make an Herb Pillow with Phoebe Fawn

In the summer when the herbs of the hedgerow stood high, Phoebe cut bouquets of mint and sage. She decided to make a sweet-smelling herb pillow. 
Sewing Herb Pillow


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