Who's that friend around the bend? 🧐

Starting June 7th at 1 PM ET, hints begin for a ✨ RETURNING ✨  Limited Edition animal friend who will arrive at the Village on Tuesday June 14th at 1pm Eastern!

Over the next week, you will be hearing from several old limited edition friends who will introduce you to this special returning animal. A new hint will be added to this blog post each day. It's an exciting week, friends - stay tuned! 

♥️ ♥️ ♥️

Juniper Wolf came to visit Hazel Village in July of 2020. Much like the returning animal who will be launching on Tuesday, June 14th at 1 PM ET, Juniper Wolf enjoys trekking through the different terrains at Hazel Village 🌾


Gaspard Duck splashed his way into the Village in February of 2020! Gaspard and our returning animal friend are both fans of the color green. They agree that most of the best things at Hazel Village are green – meadows, trees, tailcoats, and more!


Augustus Wild Boar came to visit the Village in January of 2019. He and our returning animal friend have a very important common interest: parties! These animals certainly adore tea, eating sandwiches, and doing little dances.


Josie Chipmunk brought her nut-storing expertise to Hazel Village in May of 2017. Our returning animal friend says she appreciates that Josie always has a yummy snack at the ready. 


Our friend Peaseblossom Unicorn magically appeared at Hazel Village on the summer solstice in 2019. Our returning friend and our dear unicorn have one very important thing in common: hooves!


When IVY GOAT sees the dewy meadows of spring, she runs to them and does a little dance, waving all of her hooves in the air. Her animal friends copy her dance, because they understand her mood. Welcome back to Hazel Village, Ivy!

Ivy Goat and her Backpack Set will be live on our website on Tuesday, June 14th at 1 PM ET!

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