How to wrap your doll in your collectible bandana 🎁

Friends, we love sending out your orders in our custom fabric gift wrap. The animals, having a minimal understanding about the complexities of global supply chains, received their collectible Present Tree bandanas this week. Complications with supply chains put aside, we're really quite proud with how these bandanas came out! We make sure to include them with every shipment of a doll or animal.

That said, we get a lot of questions and uncertainty about how, exactly, we wrap our dolls in fabric. Sometimes people want to peek at a gift before they give it, but they’re afraid to mess up the wrapping. So we decided to show you with pictures. And words. Read on!


First, arrange the bandana in a diamond shape in front of you. Center the doll sideways on the bandana like this. Note that all the doll’s appendages (arms, legs, tag, tail, ears if it has tall ears) are tucked in towards the center. If you were wrapping something else, you would make sure it was folded as compactly as possible here.


Wrap the bottom corner around the bundled-up doll. PULL TIGHTLY! VERY IMPORTANT! I would say this is the most important part. If you are confident in your tight swaddling here, your odds of burrito success are much much higher. If you are too dainty here you are doomed to make a mess of it. You won’t hurt the doll! It is pretend!


Fold in the sides. Keep pulling tightly.


See how the fabric is stretching on the left hand corner here (through the printed raccoon's face) because of my tight pulling?


If you have listened to me and made a nice tight burrito, then this part is the easiest. Just keep rolling up to the end.


See how the upper left hand corner of this bundle is sticking out a little? If this bothered you, or you had more egregious sticking-out corners because you aren’t already a burrito master from doing this literally thousands of times, whatever... then at this stage you could tuck the corners in a little more and generally zhuzh the bundle until it looked good.

P.S. if you are curious about the etymology of “zhuzh,” which I was... it is Polari which was a secret language made up by the carnies, night life people, and gay scenesters of Europe and England over hundreds of years. Amazing but true! 


Now it is time to anchor everything in place by putting on some ribbon. I guess you could also use a pin, but we would never do that because we are terrified of pins around here. At least I am. 

As for bow tying, we recommend this video here. We use the Tiffany bow method. And voila! Your doll is all set for gifting.