How to Make an Egg Day Honorary Egg Sash 🥚

What is Egg Day, you ask? The woodland friends of Hazel Village celebrate this holiday every spring in honor of how much they love eggs. First, each animal gets ready by decorating an egg. Then they draw straws to see who will be the Egg Day Bunny. (This is a ceremonial title and not exclusive to actual bunnies.) The Egg Day Bunny hides the eggs overnight, and whoever finds the most eggs in the morning gets a prize. The Egg Day Bunny always wears a special garment: the Egg Day Honorary Egg Sash. 

finished egg sash

This year the animals decided that two Egg Day Bunnies are better than one, and gave the title to Zoe Rabbit and Lucas Rabbit! (We're not sure how that worked out with the whole drawing straws thing, but since Lucas is Zoe's younger brother he often likes to tag along with her.) Follow along with Zoe and learn how to make an Egg Day Honorary Egg Sash for your Hazel Village animals! 

materials needed for egg sash craft

What you will need:

  • Ribbon - we recommend cotton twill, but Zoe recommends making do with whatever you have at home.
  • Scissors
  • Embroidery needle
  • Embroidery floss (we used 3 colors)
  • A button 
  • A pencil or marking pen
  • A ruler 

Zoe Rabbit next to a piece of ribbon trimmed for the sash

First, cut your ribbon to 12” long. Trim the ends at an angle for maximum el-egg-ance. 

a hand with a pen marking dots on either side of the button on the sash

a line drawn on the sash to mark where the buttonhole will be

Place your button at one end of your sash, leaving some room at the bottom. Mark a dot on either side of the button, then draw a line between the dots. 

folded ribbon with scissors starting to cut the buttonhole slit open

scissors cutting the buttonhole slit the rest of the way

Use your scissors to carefully snip along the line you marked, creating a slit. 

stitching the buttonhole in light blue thread

Stitch around the edges of the slit to make the buttonhole. We recommend following this handy buttonhole tutorial.

step 1 of stitching a petal
Once the buttonhole is done, you can embroider some decorative petals around it for flair. To do this, poke your needle up through the fabric and then back down right next to where you came up. Don’t pull the stitch all the way tight - instead, leave a loop. Then poke your needle through the fabric a little way above the base of your loop, and pull the thread through the loop itself. Poke your needle down around the top of the petal to finish the stitch.

step 2 of embroidering a petal

step 3 of stitching a petal

step 4 of stitching a petal

final step of stitching a petal

Repeat as many times as you would like for flowery splendor! 

marking where your button should be sewn

Next, mark a dot on the back half of the sash, centered inside your buttonhole. Poke your needle through the mark and sew the button on the other side. 

sewing the button onto the sash

The button should sit on the outside of the sash, just like the outward-facing side of your embroidery. Here's a tutorial on how to sew on a button!

writing Eggs on the sash with a marking pen

With the sash folded in half, write ‘Eggs’ in the center of the front side using your pencil or marking pen. (A marking pen will vanish once a little water is applied - we always use these in our workshop when we are adding hand-stitched monograms to dolls & animals.) Make sure to leave some space between the end of the word and your buttonhole.

backstitching over the written Eggs

Embroider over the word using a backstitch

Zoe Rabbit sewing her egg sash on a picnic blanket in the Day Meadow

Zoe decided to finish sewing her sash outdoors, since the spring day was so lovely and inviting. She took her picnic blanket to the Day Meadow and settled down in the fresh breezy air. Once she had stitched over all her letters, she added some pink petals to embellish her sash’s decorative buttonhole even further. Then she was done!  

completed egg sash

Just as Zoe finished her sash, Lucas scurried up to her. He was a little bit muddy from building swamp forts, which is his favorite rain-or-shine activity. When he saw his sister’s sash, Lucas said “Wowee! Can I make one too?” So Zoe kindly helped Lucas make his own special egg sash. Lucas did his in capital letters, because he’s not quite confident in cursive yet. He also added a big egg for emphasis. Now these bunny siblings are all ready for their Egg Day celebrations!

Zoe Rabbit and Lucas Rabbit wearing their Egg Day Bunny sashes

Did you make this craft at home? Send us a photo or tag us on social media @hazelvillage! For any questions, please email us at 

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