Calling All Detectives: Who Is the Mysterious Visitor? 🔍

hazel village animals Juliette Rabbit and Ella Toad with the mysterious note!
On a cozy winter day, the animal friends found a distinguished detective bonnet and scouting cape accompanied by a mysterious note! Ella Toad promptly put on the detective bonnet and said, "It's time to solve a mystery!"
When preparing to go ice fishing on a chilly day, Gracie Cat discovered some of our new friend's cozy apparel. "I do believe that our guest understands the importance of bundling herself up for the winter!" 
As Gwendolyn Raccoon was trekking through the woods, she came upon Zeke's travel hanky. "Our mysterious friend must love the fictional detective, Zeke Sharpeyes. I hope she can tell us more stories about her astute hero." 
Owen Fox was practicing a new dance routine in the Secret Tree House when he spotted an oak leaf sweater. "Our new animal friend must be quite adept at climbing trees!"⁠
When perusing her bookshelf, Lucy Owl found that an encyclopedia of nuts had been left on her shelf. "As an archivist myself, I respect the consolidation of information. Especially as a topic our guest so clearly loves herself: nuts!"⁠
When Catalina Mouse left her house this morning, she discovered a basket full of nuts. She remembers weaving this basket with an old friend from the Village. "Wowee! Our new friend has visited the Village before!"  
Maude Squirrel likes to go to Catalina's house to work on basket weaving. And whenever she finds an especially good nut she makes a record for the Encyclopedia of Nuts. It's an ongoing project. She has taught several animal friends to read, just so they can enjoy the wisdom in the Encyclopedia.⁠

Maude Squirrel ⁠will be arriving at Hazel Village on Wednesday February 15th at 1PM ET! ✨
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