How to Care For Your Hazel Village Toys

We love that our dolls and animals don’t just sit on a shelf, but become part of our young friends’ daily lives. Our toys are made for the long haul, but if you take some care washing them, they will be with you longer. Here’s how:

How to Care for Hazel Village Toys

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Easy Crafts for Kids: Paper Weaving with Max Raccoon

Max Raccoon says that one of his favorite easy paper crafts is paper weaving. He wants to make woven paper placemats for all is friends, to decorate their table for The Icicle's First Twinkle. See how he does it!

Max Raccoon's Paper Weaving Placemat Kid's Craft

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How to Make Mini-Quilts for Your Dolls with Smith’s General

Our friends at Smith’s General in Maine are quilt-making experts, so we were most honored when they used some of our leftover fabrics for a series of beautiful one-of-a-kind doll quilts, which you can shop for here. Better still, they’ve shared a pattern and tutorial to make your own doll quilt! 

Nicholas Bear Cub with Doll Quilt

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Behind the Scenes at Hazel Village During the Holidays

Friends, we often joke that we humans of Hazel Village are professional Christmas elves, and it’s true that we do a big part of our business online in November and December. We are really a well-oiled machine getting your packages out the door within two business days. 

We wanted to give you a behind-the-scenes look at our elf life. 

Sewing doll clothes

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How to Wrap Gifts in Fabric

Friends, we love sending out your orders in our custom fabric gift wrap. We get a lot of questions and uncertainty about how, exactly, we wrap our dolls in fabric. Sometimes people want to peek at a gift before they give it, but they’re afraid to mess up the wrapping. Here's how to do it!

First step

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