DIY Halloween Craft: Making Paper Masks

The Hazel Village animals love to make crafty costumes for their special holidays. If the costume is an easy paper craft that recycles materials they had around their houses, so much the better. So these masks are the perfect project! In the human world, this would be a great DIY Halloween craft for kids, or for anyone who loves to make costumes.

DYI Halloween Mask Kid's Craft

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Lucy Owl's Leaf Reference Manual: How to Identify Types of Trees by Their Leaves

In the fall when the leaves change color in Hazel Village, the animals become interested in identifying different types of trees by their types of leaves. Fortunately, Lucy Owl is here to help. Peek inside for Lucy’s Leaf Reference Manual and to get a leaf guide printable so you can color your own and then refer back to it when you’re looking at leaves.

Lucy Owl Leaf Reference Guide

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How to Make Things: How to Weave Ribbon with Megan Melman

Friends, I'm excited to do some interviews with people who are good at making things, asking about different things they made and trying to learn how they did it. 

Megan Melman works for Hazel Village. By day, she does monograms, packs web orders, and keeps our inventory system under control which is a daunting task. But when she's not working, she has been taking weaving lessons. She generously made a woven ribbon to decorate some extra-special doll dresses. Read on to learn how she did it.

Woven Ribbon

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International Day of the Girl

Happy International Day of the Girl! We’re a women-led business, and it’s important to us that our supply chain supports and empowers families around the world. So we think this is pretty much the greatest holiday. Read Jane's thoughts in our latest post!

Celia Doll from Hazel Village

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Easy Gift Ideas for your Favorite Kids

Friends, we've updated our Matching Outfits & Gift Sets section to take some of the guesswork out of gift shopping for the babies and kids in your life. Here are some of our favorite new gift sets!

White Linen Dress Set - Peaseblossom Unicorn


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