Interview with River, Outfit Contest Winner

river's design
Last weekend I got to do an interview with River, age 11, who won our outfit contest. I learned that her winning entry didn't come out of nowhere - she has been drawing, painting, and sewing since she was 2! This explains a lot, and inspires me to give my daughter as much freedom with art and craft materials as I possibly can.
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Ten Years of Hazel Village

10 years

Friends, we've been making you Hazel Village animals for TEN YEARS! Time sure does march on; it doesn't feel like that long. When I started making woodland animals and selling them on Etsy in May 2010, I never expected us to get so big. Maybe big enough that I could do this full-time and sell wholesale to a few stores, sure, but I couldn't picture this.

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How to Make a Wall Hanging with Sticks

twig wall hanging

Here are Lewis Toad's instructions for how to make a wall hanging with interesting twigs and string. It's a nice craft to do at home with your findings from a nature walk, and a nice way to explore balancing things and finding their centers of gravity.

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How to make surgical masks in a small-to-medium garment shop

surgical masks

Friends, we are publishing our process for a better-than-nothing surgical mask - designed to be made in bulk in a small to medium sewing shop that usually makes garments...or, you know, doll clothes for organic woodland animals. It's currently estimated to take 3-4 person minutes per mask. This mask features an aluminum strip to create a better seal over the nose, and a pocket to hold a filter fabric. Our process uses a single needle machine, a merrow machine / serger, and a cover stitch machine with a folder - all common equipment in a shop that sews knit fabrics like t-shirts.

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Homemade Finger Paint

Here's how to make homemade finger paint - edible but not delicious - with things you may already have in the back of your kitchen cabinet: cornstarch and food coloring. Plus, finger painting activities that are fun for the whole family.

Phoebe & watercolor

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