How to make surgical masks in a small-to-medium garment shop

surgical masks

Friends, we are publishing our process for a better-than-nothing surgical mask - designed to be made in bulk in a small to medium sewing shop that usually makes garments...or, you know, doll clothes for organic woodland animals. It's currently estimated to take 3-4 person minutes per mask. This mask features an aluminum strip to create a better seal over the nose, and a pocket to hold a filter fabric. Our process uses a single needle machine, a merrow machine / serger, and a cover stitch machine with a folder - all common equipment in a shop that sews knit fabrics like t-shirts.

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Homemade Finger Paint

Here's how to make homemade finger paint - edible but not delicious - with things you may already have in the back of your kitchen cabinet: cornstarch and food coloring. Plus, finger painting activities that are fun for the whole family.

Phoebe & watercolor

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Our New Limited-Edition Friend, Gaspard Duck!

Read all about Hazel Village's new limited-edition animal friend, Gaspard Duck, and where he came from.

Hazel Village Illustration Gaspard Duck

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Which Hazel Village Animal Should Be Your Valentine?

Friends, we made a helpful flow chart to help you pick the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. Take a peek inside!
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How to Care For Your Hazel Village Toys

We love that our dolls and animals don’t just sit on a shelf, but become part of our young friends’ daily lives. Our toys are made for the long haul, but if you take some care washing them, they will be with you longer. Here’s how:

How to Care for Hazel Village Toys

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