How to Wrap a Gift in Fabric

Gifting season is upon us! 🎁 The Hazel Village animals know all about giving presents, and they have taught us a thing or two. During the busy holiday season, our small team of workshop elves expertly wrap hundreds of woodland friends every week before mailing them out to your homes. Sometimes we hear from people who want to take a peek at their purchase before they gift it, but are worried they might mess up the nice wrapping. For that reason, and also just to teach you a nifty skill, we wanted to share our tried-and-true method for wrapping gifts in fabric.

We are demonstrating this method using Emma Rabbit and our Holiday 2023 collectible printed bandana. Every doll and animal purchase includes a complimentary bandana, which you can also reuse to wrap your own gifts. This year's original bandana artwork features many nice presents that the animals have made, accompanied by little notes they wrote to one another. Quite thoughtful, those animals ♥️

First, place your fabric in a diamond orientation with one corner facing towards you. Place your gift sideways in the center of the fabric. 

If you are wrapping a doll, tuck all its appendages (arms, legs, tag, tail, ears if it has tall ears) in towards the center. If you are wrapping something else, you would make sure it was folded as compactly as possible here.

Wrap the bottom corner of your fabric around the doll, pulling tightly. Keeping your bundle nice and snug is ESSENTIAL for this method! If you are confident in your tight swaddling, your odds of burrito success are much much higher. 

Fold one side corner over the doll, still pulling tightly.

Fold the other side corner. See how the bottom corners of this burrito are nice and snug? That is what you want. 

Roll your bundle to the top corner of the fabric, and you should have a tidy burrito. 

Now it is time to anchor everything in place with a nice ribbon. 

We use the Tiffany bow method, which you can learn in this helpful video.  

And with that, your doll is all ready for gifting! 

We highly recommend exploring our website for your gifting needs this holiday season. If you are local to NYC or plan on visiting the area, you can also visit us in person and say hi. A Hazel Village animal makes a perfectly charming and cozy gift for friends of all ages! ♥️🎁