The History of Hazel Village's Toads

Have you heard the news? Our dear friends Ella Toad and Lewis Toad are each getting a fresh new look starting this Thursday, August 10th! These toads have been the same base doll since Jane first started Hazel Village back in 2010, though their look evolved as time went by. Enjoy this photo retrospective of the toads over the years, and take a look at Ella and Lewis's new individual designs at the bottom!
Ella’s new design features cute embroidered bumps on top of her head and a round pink spot on each side of the back of her head. Lewis’s new design features a white chest and tummy, and a round tan spot on each cheek. Fun fact: these round spots represent a toad’s tympanum, aka its eardrum!
Shop these friends along with a toad-tastic collection of doll clothing and accessories this Thursday, August 10th at 1PM ET 🐸✨