The Hazel Village Guide to Gift Wrap

Here at the Hazel Village workshop, we humbly consider ourselves gifting experts. We learned from the best – the animals, that is. The woodland friends know ALL ABOUT making and giving presents, and our philosophy has always been to do as the animals would do. Their motto is "Industry and good cheer, every day and every year!"

We treat every order we receive here at the Village as if it is a gift. Prices are always excluded from our packages, and we take care to nicely wrap each and every item so they arrive at your home ready for gifting. We work hard to make sure all our gift wrapping is REALLY cute, so we think you'll want to take a look. 

First up is our Holiday 2023 collectible printed bandana

This year's original bandana artwork features many nice presents that the animals have made, accompanied by little notes they wrote to one another. How thoughtful! 

Every doll and animal is bundled in a complimentary bandana and tied with an ivory and gold ribbon before they ship out from our workshop. (You can learn our tried-and-true bandana gift wrapping method here.) These bandanas are excellent for sustainable gifting – customers often tell us that they like to reuse them to wrap their own gifts, or give them a second life by way of crafty projects. Bandanas also make the perfect dolly blankets for imaginative play; or you can even pin them to a wall as art. The options are endless   

 A very exciting new development this year is our fancy printed tissue paper! 

Sustainably printed with algae ink onto recycled paper, it features original artwork of the animals' many industrious tools; such as baskets, watering cans, scissors, paints, and more. Some of these items may be familiar to you from our storybook, The Gifts of the Year. This charming paper is used to wrap all of our doll clothing, accessories, and childrenswear

For those who wish to truly elevate their gifting, we also offer the option to upgrade to a gift box.

A gift box fits one doll or animal, along with any doll clothing you may purchase for them. It is lined with our charming printed tissue paper, and includes both a collectible bandana and a sweet-smelling lavender sachet. Our classic ivory and gold ribbon is tied in a bow around this special gifting bundle. If you would like to add a gift note, we will hand write your message on a little card and tuck it under the ribbon. 


Here are some favorable reviews about our packaging:  

How nice to hear! Happy gifting! ♥️🎁