Backpacks for a Trek

Learn how the friends made backpacks out of felt, so they could carry a picnic up to the High Meadow.
Hazel Village - Doll Backpacks Craft
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A Portrait of Josie

Owen Fox makes his friend Josie Chipmunk an embroidered portrait pillow.
Hazel Village - Embroidered Portrait Pillow Craft
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Juliette's Fancy Picture Frames

Juliette Rabbit loved the paintings in her parlor, but she wanted them to have fancy and refined picture frames. Here's how she made it happen.

Hazel Village - Fancy Mini Picture Frames

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Clay Beads

Hazel Village - Making Clay Beads
Owen and Zoe make clay beads for their friends.
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Getting Ready for Spring

Hazel Village - Seed Balls Kids' Craft
Reginald and Annicke make seed balls: little pellets of clay, dirt, and seeds. This way, their friends can help them get a head start on spring planting. 
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