A Walk to the Summer Meadow

We’ll tell you at the appointed hour: our mystery friend is named for a flower.

In mountain meadows above her home, our summertime creature loves to roam.
She rolls and snacks and plays on grasses - enormous oodles; giant masses.
Some snacks are salty, bitter, sour – but honeysuckle's her favorite flower.
“Also, chickweed’s very yummy.” She’s spotted on her head and tummy.
She likes to wear the dainty gloves that fit on Clover Horse’s hooves.
Where she’s gone, her friends can tell, Because she wears a necklace bell.

It’s time for us to tell you how Our friend, named PRIMROSE, is a COW!⁠

Our limited-edition friend, Primrose Cow, launches Wednesday, June 16th at 1 PM ET!

Feel free to email us at hello@hazelvillage.com with any questions! 

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