Tales from the Village

How to Keep Bees with Nicholas Bear Cub and Catalina Mouse

To celebrate the National Honey Bee holiday that the animals would definitely also be into, we made this art print of Nicholas Bear Cub and Catalina Mouse tending their beehive. Read more about it inside!
Nicholas Bear Cub and Catalina Mouse Beekeeping Print
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Annicke and Jeremy's Guide to Butterflies of the Field and Forest

Want to learn how to spot different types of butterflies? Annicke Mouse and Jeremy Owl love to go looking for butterflies to draw. Read their field guide inside, and get a butterfly printable for coloring! 

Annicke Mouse and Jeremy Owl look at butterfly painting

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The Animals Have a Grand Banquet of Welcome

When Peaseblossom Unicorn appeared in the Night Meadow and surprised the other animals during the Firefly Ball, they promised to hold a Grand Banquet to welcome her. Those animals sure do love to entertain! 

Hazel Village Grand Banquet Illustration

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The Animals Meet a Magical New Friend

As twilight fell on Midsummer's Day, the animals put on their best outfits and scurried to the Night Meadow for the Firefly Ball. That's when they noticed something weird at the meadow's edge. Then they saw: it was a unicorn!

Peaseblossom Unicorn Painting

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The Perfect Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

Max Raccoon, who knows a thing or three about finding things and collecting them, made a scavenger hunt for his friends. See if you can find all of the items on his list, including the biggest leaf you can find!

 Flora Fox with Scavenger Hunt Tote Bag

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