Postcard Art Retrospective

Much like the animals of Hazel Village, we quite enjoy correspondence by mail. To assist in all your letter-writing needs, we try to include a complimentary postcard featuring watercolor paintings of the Hazel Village friends in every order we pack up. We recently received a suggestion for a blog post looking back on postcard art from the past. What an excellent idea! 📬🎨
We have included postcards in our packages since the early days of Hazel Village, but these postcards did not start to feature Jane's watercolor artwork until around 2019. In 2021, Raquel (our director of marketing and organizational elf extraordinaire) began keeping a log of each individual postcard we printed. We used her postcard log to create this blog post.  We hope you will enjoy looking through this postcard artwork from the past few years! 💌
March 2021
Gwendolyn Raccoon puts her tiny cat dolly in a basket.
June 2021
Visiting friend Primrose Cow gathers wild meadow grasses with Annicke Mouse.
August 2021
Zoe Rabbit stacks rocks on the lake beach while Lucy Owl does her wing exercises in the shallows.
September 2021
Jeremy Owl paints a chickadee study in the Far Meadow. 
October 2021
 Visiting friend Vera Hedgehog puts a letter in the Village mailbox. She wrote it on her fanciest stationary. 
November 2021
Gwendolyn Raccoon wraps up presents for her friends as nicely as pie. (You may recognize this artwork from our storybook, The Gifts of the Year – this postcard accompanied its release!)
December 2021
Visiting friends Mortimer Mouse and Simon Mouse make soup for the other animals.
Early January 2022
Owen Fox and Ella Toad celebrate the new year with beans. The animals say "Swallow a dry bean, that it may expand in your tummy like the potential for the new year." (Swallowing a dry bean is not recommended for humans, but we won't begrudge the animals their traditions.)
Late January 2022
Visiting friend Charlotte Bear wakes up from her cozy hibernation and waves hello to her friends. The animals greet her with their Wake Up Day band and sing, just as loud as can be: “WAKE UP! WAKE UP! TIME TO WAKE UP!” 
February 2022
Turtle Society scout Lucas Rabbit observes a spotted turtle in the woods. 
March 2022 - ongoing
Zoe Rabbit and Gracie Cat enjoy a picnic with their tiny cat dolly Puffy. 
March 2022
Arthur Lamb plays baa-ball with his friend Lucas Rabbit. 
April 2022
Emma Rabbit admires her fanciest ribbons fluttering in the spring breezes.
June 2022
 Visiting friend Ivy Goat appreciates wild strawberries with Lewis Toad.
June 2022
Gwendolyn Raccoon and Ella Toad present Lucy Owl with the Grand Strawberry Crown. This crown is worn each year at the Strawberry Festival by the animal who finds the biggest berry of the season.
August 2022
Lucy Owl and Flora Fox enjoy a summer picnic. They are drinking fresh raspberry leaf tea. 
August 2022
Nicholas Bear Cub and Gwendolyn Raccoon spot a flock of geese flying over the Village. They think one goose might be waving at them.
September 2022
Visiting friend Tillie Goose lands at Hazel Village.
November 2022
Annicke Mouse decorates the Present Tree. 
 November 2022
Visiting friend Rupert Bison carries a special gift. Lewis Toad is there too.
February 2023
 Visiting friend Maude Squirrel sleuths out the mystery of the missing acorns. Catalina Mouse assists her by taking notes.
March 2023
Zoe Rabbit holds a special fancy egg. She is wearing the Egg Day Sash because she is the Egg Day Bunny this year.
April 2023
In the far corners and out-of-the-way paths of Hazel Village, Annicke Mouse likes to inspect the trails and leave messages for herself in the form of “trail trinkets.” She says this one means, “This is a great place to watch a rainstorm, if you don’t mind getting a bit damp. Also, look out for nettles.” (This artwork is actually from around 2019 and used to be an art print, but we recently brought it back as a postcard.)
June 2023
Visiting friend Florence Bat takes to the sky over Hazel Village.

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