The Animals Make Butterfly Wands 🦋

Now that the milkweeds are in full bloom, the animals of Hazel Village are quite enjoying promenading through the meadows in their butterfly wings. Owen Fox is hoping his energetic dance moves will be inspiring to the butterflies who are still working on emerging from their cocoons. He is planning to choreograph an elaborate performance, the theme of which will be “supportive flapping”. When he told Annicke Mouse about his plan, she had a great suggestion: “Let’s make some butterfly wands to dance with!” 

Annicke remembered how much fun she’d had painting butterflies with Jeremy Owl to make a field guide, and how Jeremy had cut out his butterfly artwork and used some sticks and strings to make a mobile. She figured a similar method would be perfect for making butterfly wands! 

Owen and Annicke found a nice spot in the tall meadow grasses and sat down with their craft supplies. When Gwendolyn Raccoon happened to trundle by, they invited her to join them. “Gee, thanks!” said Gwendolyn. The three friends sat peacefully observing the butterflies that flitted around them in the summer breezes, and drawing their pictures.

Here are all the butterflies the woodland friends drew! Some are based on real butterflies and some are from their imagination, which is just as nice.

The animals carefully cut out their butterfly pictures and used some tape to attach them to the ends of twigs. Owen gave an experimental flourish of his Swallowtail butterfly wand. “This will spark my creativity!” he declared.  

Gwendolyn, Annicke and Owen spent the rest of the afternoon practicing leaps in their wings and waving their butterfly wands with vigor. What fun! 

You can use this coloring page to create your own butterflies. If you'd like to make a wand we suggest finding twigs that are already on the ground, rather than cutting them off a live tree. We bet your local park would have some branches you can forage, and be an excellent place to practice your butterfly moves!

Gwendolyn says her Monarch butterfly wings make her feel positively regal, and her wand also functions as a royal scepter. Fancy! 

We highly recommend making a butterfly mobile too, and taking a gander Annicke's field guide if you would like to learn more about our wonderful pollinator friends. 

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