DIY Halloween Craft: Making Paper Masks

DYI Halloween Mask Kid's Craft

The Hazel Village animals love to make crafty costumes for their special holidays (like the Squash Festival), and for their theatrical endeavors (like “Lady Littlepaw’s Quest”). If the costume is an easy paper craft that recycles materials they had around their houses, so much the better. So these masks are the perfect project! In the human world, this would be a great DIY Halloween craft for kids, or for anyone who loves to make costumes.


Recycled cardboard
Paint brushes
Glue sticks
Recycled paper scraps
Rubber bands

How To Make Masks:

Draw a mask shape on recycled cardboard, then cut out using scissors.DYI Halloween Mask Kid's Craft

Decorate your mask using any materials you like. 

DYI Halloween Mask Kid's Craft

  • For the leaf mask, we used glue to paste leaves and create a leaf-collage!
  • For the spider mask, we painted the mask black, then glued down string to create the web.
  • For the mosaic mask we used, we tore up recycled paper scraps and used glue to create a mosaic pattern.
  • For the bunny mask we used extra recycled cardboard to cut out the ears. We then used glue to secure the ears, and painted our mask grey.

To make your mask wearable, use a rubber band. Flip your mask over so that the back side is facing up. Then using a piece of tape, secure the rubber band to the back side of the mask, placing the tape between the eye holes. 

DYI Halloween Mask Kid's Craft

Wear your masks to celebrate fall!

DYI Halloween Mask Kid's Craft

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