DIY Nature Craft: Annicke and Jeremy's Butterfly Mobile

Jeremy Owl with Butterfly Mobile

Remember when Annicke Mouse and Jeremy Owl looked for butterflies and did field sketches of the different butterflies they saw? Jeremy said he was going to cut the paintings out and make them into a butterfly mobile for his friend Zoe Rabbit. And now he has done it! You can do the same. Here’s how to do it. 

Supplies Needed:

  • Butterfly printable
  • Water color paints
  • Paint brush 
  • Two twigs
  • Twine or String
  • Scissors 
  • Clear Tape or Glue


1. Print the butterfly printable from our Butterfly Scavenger Hunt. Or draw your own favorite butterflies, real or imaginary.
2. Use a paintbrush and watercolor paints to paint your favorite butterflies.
3. Cut the butterflies out. If you like, decorate the backs of the butterflies too.
4. Take two twigs of equal length and cross them to make an X shape. 

Phoebe Fawn and butterfly mobile

5. To secure the the X in place use a piece of twine, about eight inches long, and wrap around the center of the X. Be sure to criss cross the twine between the twigs as you wrap, pulling tightly so the X keeps its shape. Tie a knot to secure in place.

Phoebe Fawn and butterfly mobile

6. Cut one additional piece of twine for each butterfly. Tie one end to the twigs, then attach a butterfly to the opposite end using tape or glue. If necessary, move the butterflies around on the twigs until the mobile is well-balanced.

Phoebe Fawn and butterfly mobile

7. Hang your mobile by tying a large piece of twine around the center X and creating a large loop. Tie a knot to secure.

DIY Butterfly Mobile Craft

Now hang your butterfly mobile on your sun porch like Zoe, or anywhere you like!

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