How To Make Harvest Baskets

From the animals’ lodge came the sweet sound of their basket song.
Animals getting ready to make baskets
Here is how they made baskets to hold their bountiful harvest. They cut thin cardboard into shapes like this.
Measuring and cutting cardboard
Max made his out of regular paper, but covered one side with some tape he had. 
Max covering the paper with tape
Then he cut out the shape, as neatly as he was able.
Max cutting out his basket
Now the friends folded their baskets, like this:
Folding the baskets
The animals used their hole punch to punch holes in the corners of their baskets. In this way, they practiced their teamwork. 
Teamwork when punching holes!
And they used beautiful bits of yarn and ribbon to tie the corners together, like this. Emma Rabbit brought some of her maypole ribbons from home. She said she was delighted to use them in the off-season. 
Max's basket
Some of the animals said, “These baskets are well and good, but we want them to be more fancy."
“The easiest way to make a basket fancy”, said Oliver, “is to say it with paint.”
Oliver painting his basket
Zoe Rabbit used a needle and yarn to stitch a woven pattern all over the sides of her basket. Very fancy indeed!
Zoe Rabbit sewing her cardboard box
Then she tied tassels made of even more yarn on the corners. Splendid! In her basket, she stored some nuts. 
Zoe's harvest bounty
Emma made a handle for her basket by cutting a strip of thin cardboard and punching holes on the ends, like this. 
Emma making her handle
She punched matching holes on the sides of the basket, like this, then tied the pieces together with.... EVEN MORE RIBBONS. 
Emma adding more ribbons
Now she could hold her basket in a way that was both convenient and cute! In her basket, she stored dried beans. 
Penelope stores beans in her box
Penelope Rabbit put a different type of handles on her basket, also with charming ribbons, and using the same method of attaching. She said, “I am going to store dried beans in my basket as well!!!”
Penelope's basket
Annicke Mouse helped Lucy nestle her basket in the hazel grove, so the birds could enjoy the friends’ beautiful work and share in the bounty of autumn. 
Friends sharing their bounty