How to Press Flowers

Pressed Flowers in a Book

In the springtime when the animals notice different flowers blooming in the hedges and meadows of Hazel Village, they like to pick their favorites and make pressed flowers. Emma Rabbit said she would be “most delighted” to teach you how to press flowers, too.

She says you have to squash the flowers between books for seven days. It is hard to wait that long, but it is worth it because at the end you have the daintiest and flattest of flowers, perfect for all manner of crafting projects. Here is how to do it.

Supplies You'll Need for Pressing Flowers 

  • Flowers

  • Parchment Paper

  • Scissors

  • Books

  • Tacky Glue

  • A Notebook

Steps for Pressing Flowers Properly

Make sure your flowers are dry. If they are wet, let them dry for a few hours before starting.

For each flower, cut two pieces of parchment paper. The pieces need to be a little bit bigger than the flowers.

Place a flower on top of a piece of parchment paper. Then place one more piece of paper on top of the flower. (It should look like you are making a paper-flower sandwich.) Gently flatten the stack with your hands.

Pressed flower in parchment paper

Place a few books on top of the paper to keep the flower flat. Leave the flowers under the books for seven days. Remove the books to find perfectly pressed flowers.

Pressed Flower

Place a few drops of tacky glue on the back of your flower. Then glue your pressed flower wherever you please.

Pressed Flower in a Book

How the Animals Use Their Pressed Flowers

Emma Rabbit says she puts her pressed flowers in her “Springtime Journal,” which is a notebook where she records where she saw the best flowers and what time of year it was.

Catalina Mouse glues pressed flowers onto colorful paper, and makes beautiful floral scenes that she can frame and give to her friends for special occasions. What good ideas those animals have!