The Day Meadow Collection

The Day Meadow Collection will be live on our website this Tuesday, February 27th at 1PM ET!
This collection includes six pieces of doll clothing and one special accessory; all perfect for your animals to wear while picnicking and frolicking in the Day Meadow as warmer days return to Hazel Village.
This is our spring "core” collection, meaning we plan for these styles to stick around and restock throughout the next several months. There is no purchase limit for these items!
Windowpane Plaid Shirt for Dolls – $12
An excellent shirt for cloud-gazing in the meadow, or working on one’s more industrious projects. Made from yarn-dyed cotton in ivory and dark navy, custom woven in a charming windowpane plaid. Classic collar, short sleeves, front Velcro closure. Will fit any Hazel Village doll or animal.
Dewdrop Pocket Shirt for Dolls – $14
Just the pale blue-green color of a dewdrop clinging to a blade of meadow grass, this lightweight linen shirt also has a wide statement collar and a big tummy pocket. The pocket has elastic at the top, so your animal can tuck their tiny cat dolly snugly against their tummy with no fear of it tumbling out. A marigold stitch on either side of the pocket provides extra reinforcement and a cute accent detail. Closes in back with two real shell buttons, and will fit any Hazel Village doll or animal.
Doily Dress for Dolls – $14
If an animal wished to draw style inspiration from the table decor at a tea party, this would be the dress for them! Featuring Jane’s original artwork of dainty wood anemone flowers on ornamental doilies, screen-printed by hand in sage green onto ivory cotton. A full pleated skirt, puff sleeves, and a white Peter Pan collar round off the charming appeal of this vintage-inspired dress. Velcro back closure, fits any Hazel Village doll or animal. Handmade by our artisan partners in Colombia.
Meadow Pantalettes for Dolls – $14
Knee-length pantalettes made from fine Liberty of London cotton lawn and trimmed with pretty ruffles at the cuffs. Beautiful print of delicate flowers and trailing leaves in the soft greens, blues, and yellows of a spring meadow under dappled sunlight. Velcro back closure, overlapping area for your animal's tail to stick out. Will fit any Hazel Village doll or animal.
Garden Tile Skirt Overalls for Dolls – $14
The folksy print on these skirt overalls reminds the animals of ceramic tiles that Lewis Toad makes in his kiln. How nice! Terracotta ink on ivory cotton, screen-printed by hand in Colombia. Our classic skirt overall shape: gathered at the waist with a wide leg, an overlap in back where your animal's tail can stick out, and a Velcro back closure. Will fit any Hazel Village doll or animal.
Marsh Milkweed Dress for Dolls – $14
This earthy pink play dress brings to mind the delicate blossoms of marsh milkweed that grow in Hazel Village, sweetly perfuming the air and feeding the animals’ butterfly friends. The cotton fabric was custom woven in Nepal, and has a lovely texture with a subtle pink-and-white check. Cap sleeves, short gathered skirt, front placket closure. Two real shell buttons are stitched on with marigold accent thread. Will fit any Hazel Village doll or animal.
Shimmery Play Wings for Dolls – $16
When the animals wear these shimmery wings, they prance around the meadows and forests of Hazel Village and pretend to be fluttering creatures of the air. They might be dragonflies skimming over the lake; bees buzzing among the wildflowers; or perhaps some more elusive sprites, flitting just out of sight in the twilight. (We couldn’t say which, but the animals know.) Diaphanous organza wings, quilted with golden stitching in delicate veins across the gauzy fabric. Elastic shoulder bands are affixed to a shiny silver-and-gold brocade back panel. These wings can be worn over any outfit, and by any Hazel Village doll or animal who is wishing for a little extra magic in their day.
Shop the Day Meadow Collection this Tuesday, February 27th at 1PM ET!