Hazelnut Perk: Virtual Shopping Appointments!

Hazel Village Virtual Shopping


What is it?


An opportunity to personally select your woodland friends over video call, from your home to our Brooklyn workshop! Virtual shopping appointments are 5-10 minutes long and are conducted via Facetime or Zoom. Virtual shopping is available for doll & animal purchases only (no clothing or accessories.)


How do I book?


Send us an email at hello@hazelvillage.com and request a virtual shopping appointment. We will then send you a booking form to schedule.  Please reach out to arrange an appointment before you place your order. (This helps us to plan ahead and schedule everyone who is interested, as well as ensuring that our speedy shipping elves do not pack up your order before your appointment has been completed!)


How should I order? 


Please place your order on our website using your Hazelnut email. We always recommend shopping directly at launch time for Limited-Edition animal releases. Booking a shopping appointment does NOT reserve inventory. Don’t worry, you can still change your mind during your appointment if you decide you would prefer a different (or additional) doll/outfit! 


How does the appointment work? 


At your appointment time, a member of our team will give you a call (for Facetime) or start your scheduled meeting (for Zoom). We will have an assortment of dolls prepared for you to view, and help you narrow it down to find the perfect woodland friend! 

If you chose Facetime for your appointment, please save the following 2 phone numbers to your contacts in advance. (IPhones may block calls from numbers that are not on your contacts list.)

HV Virtual Shopping Line: (929) 475-6616 

^ (exclusively for virtual appts, please do not call for customer service)

HV Customer Service Line: (929) 237-6941