Bunnies' Blossoms Collection 🐰🌷

"Gwendolyn smelled mud and new sap on the wind. Spring had come to Hazel Village."        - The Gifts of the Year by Jane Van Cleef


Spring has indeed begun! We're so excited to share this new collection of cheerful springy doll clothing & accessories, as well as limited-edition versions of two permanent Villagers. This year's Egg Day Bunnies are our beloved bunny siblings: Zoe and Lucas Rabbit! We gave them each a special floral Liberty of London ear lining in celebration of this honor.  

The Bunnies' Blossoms Collection will be live on our site on Wednesday March 8th at 1PM Eastern. There is a purchase limit of 2 per household for each item in this collection. Read on for your full Hazelnut preview of all the details for this launch!  


Zoe Rabbit Spring 2023 Special Edition - $54

Limit of 2 per household

Zoe is converting part of the stream bank into a rock garden. It is slimy work, she says, but somebody's got to do it. Possibly. Yesterday she saw two beautiful orange newts.

Lucas Rabbit Spring 2023 Special Edition - $54

Limit of 2 per household

Even though Lucas Rabbit's real name is Lucas, his friends call him Pummy. He says it's because when he was a newborn and his sister was a toddler, she called him Pummy for some reason. Anyway, his favorite activity is digging holes in the pond beach so he can make swamp forts.




Wild Carrot Sundress - $14

Limit of 2 per household

Cotton eyelet sundress reminds the animals of the billowy white flowers on wild carrots. Velcro back closure, nice gathered skirt, plain white cotton collar detail.



Herb Garden Sundress - $16 

Limit of 2 per household

Liberty of London cotton sundress has a nicely gathered skirt, a fully lined bodice, and a white cotton Peter Pan collar. The floral print reminds the animals of Annicke Mouse's herb garden. Looks so pretty on any Hazel Village doll or animal.


Chamomile Pantalettes - $14

Limit of 2 per household

White and gold Liberty of London floral print reminds the animals of chamomile blossoms. These pantalettes are knee length; at least they would be, if the animals had knees. Cute ruffles in the knee area. Velcro back closure, overlapping area for your animal's tail to stick out.

Poppy Blossom Flower Crown - $12

Limit of 2 per household

This lovely garland reminds the animals of bright poppies blooming in the afternoon sun. Red and green floral trim is stitched to an elegant red silk band. The perfect accessory for any animal who wishes to add a grand touch to their ensemble! 

Daffodil Bloom Flower Crown - $12

Limit of 2 per household

A sweet garland of bright yellow flowers stitched to a pale chartreuse silk band. Daffodils are often one of the earliest spring flowers to pop up in the Villagers' gardens when spring breezes in. How cheerful! Just the thing for an animal who feels a celebratory spring dance coming on. 


Pebble Skipping Shorts - $10

Limit of 2 per household

Pale gray linen shorts have a gathered waist, cute cuffed legs, and an overlap in the back so your animal's tail can stick out. Lucas Rabbit says these are the perfect shorts for skipping rocks on the pond. Possibly because they make his tummy look just like a round gray pebble.

Handmade Gathering Basket  - $10

Limit of 2 per household

This perfect little basket is handmade from traditional palm straw by our artisan friends in Peru. It's the perfect size for holding one of the animals' teeny dollies. Or some choice flower petals, tiny cookies to leave on a friend's doorstep, etcetera. The animals say you can never have too many baskets!


Cedar Bark Dress - $12

Limit of 2 per household

The deep red brown of this dress reminds the animals of cedar bark. Linen dress has puffed sleeves, pleated skirt in front, and curved princess seams in back. Looks pretty great in a lot of outfits.

Milkweed Blossom Dress - $12

Limit of 2 per household

Linen dress the sunny orange of swamp milkweed flowers. Classic shape with puffed sleeves, pleated skirt in front, and curved princess panels in back. Velcro back closure.

Posy Pink Skirt Overalls - $12

Limit of 2 per household

Perfect for a busy springtime adventure, especially if a doll or animal also wants to look like a beautiful pink flower! Pink cotton skirt overalls are made by our artisan partners in Colombia. They have an overlap in back where your animal's tail can stick out, and a Velcro back closure.

Shop the Bunnies' Blossoms Collection on Wednesday March 8th at 1PM Eastern! 💐