Reginald Fox
Reginald in egg shirt & egg pants
reginald fox

Reginald Fox

Reginald is a creature of habit: Every morning he tends his market garden. He has a shiny blue watering can, and a shiny red bucket for any slugs he finds. When he is done for the day he carries the slug bucket to the forest edge, and lets his slug friends go. After lunch, he rows his boat into the pond and drops anchor in a shady spot, where he naps and thinks about his novel.

Product Details

If you like, you can personalize your Reginald with a hand-stitched monogram.

Choose Reginald's Outfit

Reginald is photographed wearing the egg print shirt and pants. It's all organic cotton and perfect for working outside. It closes with velcro in the back, and it has a place for an animal's tail to stick out. Like all the Hazel Village animal clothes, Reginald's outfit is removable so the animals can share and trade.

Gift Wrap

Reginald will come your way swaddled in a collectible bandana and wrapped in ivory and gold ribbon. He hears this is a good way to travel because you get a lot of time to think.

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