Hello, Juniper!

Juniper for my name
Roaming the high hills above Hazel Village, our friend built herself a nest of juniper branches. “Juniper for my nest,” she said, “and Juniper for my name.”
Juniper will be joining the Village on Monday, July 20 at 1 PM Eastern. Check back everyday for new additions to her story.
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How to Make a Doll Crown for the Firefly Ball

gwendolyn with her crown

Today is the longest day of the year, and that means tonight is the animals’ Firefly Ball. Gwendolyn Raccoon has made a crown of fresh wildflowers, decorated with a big sun and some fireflies, and festooned with twinkly golden ribbons. Here is how she did it. 

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Where Are They Made?

Ten years into making Hazel Village dolls and animals, our supply chain has grown into one of my favorite things about what we've built. It makes me so happy to think of our regular standing orders with our artisan partners around the world, and all the skilled humans we're therefore able to keep in full-time, fairly paid jobs. We've built strong relationships with our partner organizations, and now that the pandemic is messing up business-as-usual (not sure if you heard...) those relationships are serving us really well. Let me tell you about it.
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Interview with River, Outfit Contest Winner

river's design
Last weekend I got to do an interview with River, age 11, who won our outfit contest. I learned that her winning entry didn't come out of nowhere - she has been drawing, painting, and sewing since she was 2! This explains a lot, and inspires me to give my daughter as much freedom with art and craft materials as I possibly can.
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Ten Years of Hazel Village

10 years

Friends, we've been making you Hazel Village animals for TEN YEARS! Time sure does march on; it doesn't feel like that long. When I started making woodland animals and selling them on Etsy in May 2010, I never expected us to get so big. Maybe big enough that I could do this full-time and sell wholesale to a few stores, sure, but I couldn't picture this.

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