Our Top 7 Tips for Shopping Hazel Village!

Hello, friends of the Village! We’ve assembled our top 7 most helpful tips for shopping Hazel Village limited-edition product launches. You can follow announcements of upcoming collections via our email newsletter and Instagram @hazelvillage.

If you’ve been here for a while, you will know that sometimes our new products can sell out fast. In recent years we’ve worked hard to make more of everything, so quick sellouts are more rare these days! However, we are still a small business with limited capacity and we do still see certain popular limited-edition items sell quickly. Since in most cases these products do not restock, we recommend following the tips below to make sure you can get your hands on any items you love!


Tip #1: Set a reminder

Setting a calendar alert on your phone for 10 minutes before launch time is a great way to make sure you don’t forget to shop. You can also sign up for our text alerts – AKA Oliver Mouse's Messaging Service! A few minutes before launch time, head to our website and log in to your account. The collection page for each new drop will always be linked at the top of our site navigation.


Tip #2: Save your checkout details ahead of time

Having your payment details and default address pre-loaded is a huge help for checking out fast! We recommend using Shop Pay. We promise this is not an advertisement - we’ve just seen for ourselves and heard from many customers that using Shop Pay is the best way to shop our launches. You can check out speedily, and be confident that all your details are correct and secure!

Important note for Hazelnuts: if you have scheduled a virtual shopping appointment, make sure to place your order using the SAME EMAIL under which you booked your appointment.


Tip #3: Placing multiple orders

We appreciate when you are able to condense your purchases into a single order. However, if you place multiple orders back to back our fulfillment elves will combine them into one shipment. This way if you’re especially hoping for a certain item, (such as a very fancy hat), you can check out quickly with that item and then go back to shop more leisurely for anything else.


Tip #4: Using the 'Buy All' button

Every limited-edition collection page features a handy ‘Buy Full Collection’ button at the top. This button will add all in-stock items to your cart. Make sure to refresh your page so that the full collection has loaded before clicking the button. If any items have already sold out when you are shopping, or if they sell out during your checkout process, they will not be included in your order.


Tip #5: Adding a monogram

To add a hand-stitched monogram to any doll or animal, go to their product page and scroll down to ‘Monogram and Gift Additions.’ Click ‘Add a Monogram’, select your letter, and then add the doll to your cart. If you want to purchase a monogram but forget to do so when placing your order, please email us right away at hello@hazelvillage.com. For high-volume launches such as the release of a new limited-edition animal friend, we may not be able to accommodate adding a monogram to your purchase after the fact. However, you are always welcome to send a woodland friend back to our workshop to add a monogram at a later date.


Tip #6: Pay attention to purchase limits

All limited-edition products will have a purchase limit (ex: 2 of each item per household) stated on the product’s page. You will not be able to check out if the items in your cart exceed a purchase limit. Please don’t hesitate to email us if you have a special circumstance – such as needing to purchase an extra for a family member or friend who is unable to shop themselves – and we will be happy to make an exception. We share these purchase limits in advance via both our email newsletter and our Hazelnut-exclusive collection previews, to help you plan ahead before you shop. If an item remains in stock for 1-2 days after its release, we will always lift the purchase limit so you can go back for more if you would like.


Tip #7: Double check your confirmation email

You will be sent an automatic confirmation email when you make a purchase. Make sure to look over this email and confirm that both your order and your shipping address are correct. If you see any issues, email hello@hazelvillage.com or call us at 929-237-6941. We’ll help fix it straight away! Please keep in mind that we cannot be responsible for delivery issues if an incorrect shipping address is entered at checkout.


If you made it all the way down here, thanks for reading! In return, Gwendolyn Raccoon would like to offer you a jam tart.

BONUS TIP: Missed out on purchasing a limited-edition item? You can email us to be added to a waitlist! We usually end up with a few extra pieces, and we always make sure any friends on the waitlist get first dibs.



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