The Hazelnut Community ♥️🌰

One perk of being a Hazelnut  is admittance into the exclusive Hazel Village Hazelnuts Facebook group. This group is a wonderful community space for the biggest fans of Hazel Village to:

  • Share your collections and show off your favorite outfits for the Villagers
  • Follow along with the clues for new limited-edition animals and make guesses together
  • Watch Facebook lives from the HV team to learn about new animal friends
  • Share any crafty projects you create inspired by Hazel Village
  • Stay up to date on announcements from the HV team
  • Chat about all things Hazel Village! 

This group is always buzzing with so much fun and creativity that we wanted to share a little bit of it here on the Village blog. So we asked Hazelnuts in the Facebook group to tell us some of their favorite things about this special community. The animals always say, 'Industry and good cheer, every day and every year!' – and the Hazelnuts certainly abide by that motto!  


"I think my most favorite part of being a Hazelnut is the buzz, clue-gathering, and speculation when a new or visiting villager is preparing to be revealed! The clues are so fun and the entire Hazelnut community joins in with their best guesses! I also very much admire and appreciate the crafts, clothes, and homes the Hazelnuts have created and curated for their villagers."

– Elise R.


"I made needle-felted landscapes for our minis! One thing I have always loved about the Hazelnuts, having found this community at the beginning of COVID, is how supportive everyone is of each other, through hard times and our triumphs (big and small!)"
 –  Erin K. 
"I enjoy seeing how everyone dresses their villagers and the custom clothes people make! Getting inspiration on new outfit combinations is super fun and seeing the style evolution when older items are shared is really sweet."
– Madison L.
"We love getting creative with the clothing and making our own accessories!"
– Acacia J-V.

 Vera Hedgehog wearing Acacia's knitted cowl with Hazel Village-made dress, apron, and bonnet
"I love how excited everyone gets and encourages one another. Also love that it has connected me with folks who are super creative at making outfits for the HV villagers as well. Gives me a chance to support both the HV mission of ethically made dolls and to support local artisans in this community as well." 
– Darien G.
"Love the camaraderie of the group! And the groups keeps me in the know because my work travel schedule is too insane to stay on top of the calendar, but this group posts so often that it’s always on top in my feed! We are doing a project with the post cards (we have like 50 at this point!), where we are framing them all and creating a gallery wall. But far from done so no pics yet!"
– Tiffany C.
"Very simply, I love how genuine and kind the Hazelnuts community is. Here’s Muffin and Merlin, cuddling with Gracie Cat. [And here's] my daughter and her Fern dolly, with their homemade butterfly wings!"
– Emily F.M.
"One thing I love about the Hazelnut community is how supportive/encouraging everyone is!"
– Sarah P.
"I started collecting Hazel Village in the middle of the pandemic. I love sharing my passion for all things Hazel Village. I especially love all the beautiful people I have met in this group. I have been shown so much kindness and generosity. I honestly would consider one special hazelnut in this group a family member. She’s so kind and has the heart of an Angel. She also knows how to brighten my day when it’s not going well!! She can also say the funniest things that just make me laugh! Also thank you Lillie and Julia you guys are just awesome!! The customer service I have received at hazel village is unlike anything I have experienced!! It also feels like family and I am so grateful to be a part of it!!"
– Diana R.
Anya's Nicholas Bear Cub wearing a sweater she made for him to match this children's book 
"My favorite part about being a Hazelnut is people in this community. I've made so many dear friends here. And I am always amazed about HV staff remembering all of us and making it so personal. There has to be a huge amount of nuts now. I can't imaging keeping up with us all. And you do it so well. One of my favorite things to do for this community is finding fun picture books featuring animals that live in Hazel Village and creating outfits that match the ones in these books. I love sharing my love for books with other people in the group."
– Anya C.
"I love admiring other Hazelnut’s Hazel Village-related crafts. I love the outfit inspiration other Hazelnuts put together, too! It’s such a special world that Jane created, so I love the type of people who are also drawn to it. The group itself is amazing with regards to the exclusive products. The hints around limited edition animals are a blast, and I love speculating with other Hazelnuts. I also appreciate this group for an easy place to search Hazel Village products released over the years! It’s nice to be able to succinctly preview each drop. I love the “background” information around each product. It’s a joy to read. Lives are always entertaining. I also appreciate how accessible the company is here; elves are always able to answer even the smallest questions!"
– Katie Z. 

Juli's family's Waldorf Seasonal table featuring Lucy Owl 
"We incorporate our Villagers into our Waldorf Seasonal table. We homeschool so we borrow from lots of educational styles & this is 1 thing we love about Waldorf education. Our youngest kids made or helped make everything."
– Juli M.
"I love that this is a group of people who embrace their imaginations and lean into play and whimsy. Hazel Village and the community that surrounds it gives us all permission to believe in a bit of magic and connect with the parts of being human that many are encouraged to leave behind in childhood. It is wonderful that so many people meet and grow to care about each other, inspire one another to create, and speculate about what fantastic surprise is around the bend because of these creatures and their stories."
– Risa C.

"My favorite thing is simply that my son has found a lovey in one of your villagers. Maeve was one I couldn’t obtain without paying the higher market value. It was through the kindness of my friends which i met in this community that yow (formally Maeve) came into our home and fast became my son’s lovey and comfort item. We have collected many others but yow will always be #1."
– Mai B.
Shannon's dollhouse mantle, featuring Maude Squirrel's reference guide for nuts 
Shannon's tiny ceramics for the animals
"I truly enjoy crafting and making things for the village, and I’m currently working on rehabbing a 200 year old wardrobe that was slated for scrap that I have painted and turned into my village. I’ve been working on furniture pieces and accessories for their home with a woodland theme. It has reconnected me with things that I did as a child and brought me a feeling of nostalgia and healing. I’ve been doing things that I used to do when I was 8 to 12 years old like ceramics, working in my dad‘s woodshop and painting, but most of all making miniatures. We grew up poor and we did not have all of the cool toys the neighbors had. I recall making up stories and playing outside and having to be so resourceful with simple things and I think that’s why I love these animals and their stories. Keep making them, keep giving us all of the things that we want and need, all of the things they are beautiful!! They are fun and the children need them. I’m attaching photos of some of the things that I have thoroughly enjoyed making for my tiny friends."
– Shannon O.
"Where do I start? My love of Hazel village started with Juliette Rabbit who I found in a little boutique in Salcombe Devon and that was it she came home with me. Then my collection just grew and grew! I love anything Hazel village! The individuality of each animal/human never ceases to amaze me! I enjoy belonging to Hazelnuts and it really is a nice little community. Those that know me I knit and sew well try and sew! Each time I receive a parcel from HV I’ve already planned what I’m going to make. I enjoy making for others and gifting. My high light was meeting the team in Brooklyn New York when I visited from England. I was made to feel very welcome and can’t wait to visit again." 
– Mary N.
"I love how everyone is so supportive of each other, considerate, and helpful. If someone is looking for something or miss out on a drop, others try to help. I love seeing everyone’s collections and sharing the fun pictures with my kids who both love Hazel village. So glad this group exists."
– Nikkie C.
Our warmest thanks to all the Hazelnuts for being part of this wonderful community! Are you interested in becoming a Hazelnut? Click here to learn more!

For any questions, please email us at  

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