The Friends Make Spring Flower Decorations

Ada and Sadie wanted to make crafts. Here they are with paper and different tools

Ada and Sadie had the idea to make pretty spring flowers out of tissue paper, to decorate their windows and remember how excited they were about springtime. Here is how they did it. 

fold the paper in half
paper folding

First, they folded small squares of tissue paper like this, so there were six or eight layers.

more paper folding

They sketched a pretty flower petal on the folded paper. The pointy part of the folded paper is where the center of the flower will be. 

cutting very carefully!

Then they cut along the lines they had sketched. They used their scissors carefully to cut as fancy a shape as they pleased. 

ada with her cut out flowers

When they opened the folded paper, they found a flower with six or eight petals! 

then they decorated

They decorated some of the flowers even more with watercolors.

flowers on the window
more paper cut outs! with hints

and they stuck their flowers onto the window with tape. They made other shapes too: animals, people, and letters! 

welcome to hazel village, sadie!

Sadie’s friends made a welcome banner for her. That’s so nice! 

Sadie is a new permanent dolly friend at Hazel Village! She will be live on our website on Thursday, January 28th at 1 PM Eastern. Welcome, Sadie!