How to Make a Wall Hanging with Sticks

twig wall hanging

Here are Lewis Toad's instructions for how to make a wall hanging with interesting twigs and string. It's a nice craft to do at home with your findings from a nature walk, and a nice way to explore balancing things and finding their centers of gravity.

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Homemade Finger Paint

Here's how to make homemade finger paint - edible but not delicious - with things you may already have in the back of your kitchen cabinet: cornstarch and food coloring. Plus, finger painting activities that are fun for the whole family.

Phoebe & watercolor

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Easy Crafts for Kids: Paper Weaving with Max Raccoon

Max Raccoon says that one of his favorite easy paper crafts is paper weaving. He wants to make woven paper placemats for all is friends, to decorate their table for The Icicle's First Twinkle. See how he does it!

Max Raccoon's Paper Weaving Placemat Kid's Craft

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How to Make Mini-Quilts for Your Dolls with Smith’s General

Our friends at Smith’s General in Maine are quilt-making experts, so we were most honored when they used some of our leftover fabrics for a series of beautiful one-of-a-kind doll quilts, which you can shop for here. Better still, they’ve shared a pattern and tutorial to make your own doll quilt! 

Nicholas Bear Cub with Doll Quilt

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DIY Halloween Craft: Making Paper Masks

The Hazel Village animals love to make crafty costumes for their special holidays. If the costume is an easy paper craft that recycles materials they had around their houses, so much the better. So these masks are the perfect project! In the human world, this would be a great DIY Halloween craft for kids, or for anyone who loves to make costumes.

DYI Halloween Mask Kid's Craft

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