Party Hat Printable Craft! 🎉

IT'S OUR BIRTHDAY! 🥳 Thirteen years ago, Jane started making woodland friends in her bedroom in Brooklyn. We can hardly believe how much our small business has grown since then, or how many people love the animals as much as we do. To celebrate Hazel Village's birthday (or any other birthday) with your own collection of woodland friends, enjoy this super easy printable craft: four animal-size party hats, and a charming happy birthday banner! 

Fun fact: Jane originally illustrated these party hats & birthday banner for snail mail postcards we sent out back in 2018. These days we're usually too busy to send out much snail mail, but we love to share extra goodies with you here on the Village blog! ♥️

Start by printing out this PDF. If you have access to a color printer, great! If you don't, no need to fret - printing these hats in black & white just means you now have an awesome coloring opportunity. 

Cut out all the pieces, and assemble the hats by folding on the dotted line and taping or glueing along the tab to form a cone shape. 

Each hat has 2 small white circles marked at the bottom, which you can poke  through to thread some string for a chin strap. (We used a needle and embroidery floss, but you can use anything pokey and any string.) Tie a knot on the inside of the hat to keep the string from falling out. Cut the string tails long enough to tie under your animals' chins. 


Assemble the banner by poking through the circles and threading each leaf along the string. 

Now it's time to party! 🎉

Did you make this craft at home? Send us a photo or tag us on social media @hazelvillage! For questions, please email us at 

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