Lucas Rabbit’s Puppy Dollies

Lucas Rabbit has, he tells us, wanted a puppy for some time. So imagine his delight when his friends made him not one, but FOUR puppy dollies, each cuter than the last. He loves them - he loves patting their little heads and tummies, and snuggling them together on their cozy yellow bed. He wants to tell you more about them. 

SNIFFER “She is a Bernese mountain dog. If she were real she would be the biggest one, but if you want to know the truth she is pretend, so she is just regular size. She has blue eyes. One of her ears goes up and one goes down. It is cute!”

OLIVIA “She is a German shepherd. She likes to smell your paw to see what kind of bunny you are, and if you go too close to the pond she will bark and bark to say, ‘watch out for the pond!’”   

PUMMY 2 “He is a chocolate lab. I like his whisker freckles. If you throw a stick deep into the forest, he can find it and bring it back to you. He is so smart!”

LEAFY “He is a beagle. His favorite area is the dry grass under the tree in the meadow. He likes to lie there and look at the leaves. Especially if he has treats and toys as well.” 

Four new mini puppies, plus their cuddly puppy bed will arrive at Hazel Village Thursday, August 26th at 1 PM ET!

Feel free to email us at with any questions! 

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