Announcing Our Partnership with Every Mother Counts

Hazel Village x Every Mother Counts Partnership Toys

Friends, we got to work with Every Mother Counts a little more extensively for Week of Giving - really more of a Season of Giving, this year. If you don't know about Every Mother Counts, it's a really lovely organization that promotes safe and respectful maternity care for women around the world. They talk the talk by advocating for best practices in maternity care, and they walk the walk by making grants to partner organizations who work with underserved pregnant people.

You can learn more on their website, and watch their docu-series on our country's growing maternal health crisis on CNN. 

This year, we were invited to develop some special products for EMC's official gift guide. 100% of proceeds from these items are donated to the organization. As you can see in the Hazel Village x Every Mother Counts collection, we made some very cozy sweaters with pockets for the animals to snuggle their baby animal dolls. We will also be making greeting cards with pictures of the animals making thoughtful presents for each other (look out for those soon!). What a good example those animals set! 

So when you're shopping for Hazel Village gifts for everyone you know this month, consider adding a few of these special products. It's like you're giving two gifts in one: the gift of darling dolls and animals for your favorite people, and the gift of care for moms and babies around the world!