Hello, Juniper!

Juniper for my name
Roaming the high hills above Hazel Village, our friend built herself a nest of juniper branches. “Juniper for my nest,” she said, “and Juniper for my name.”
Juniper's BasketIn the morning, her nest smelled piney and sweet. She picked a basket of blueberries for her breakfast.
Juniper day 3Mountain birds came to enjoy the blueberries too. And butterflies enjoyed the blueberry blossoms.
juniper thunderstorms
That evening as Juniper watched butterflies in the meadow, a scary thunder storm blew through the valley.
annicke's trail trinketsThe next morning, Juniper came upon Annicke Mouse, checking on her trail trinkets after the storm. Annicke shared her picnic of bread and cheese, but Juniper ate only the bread because she is a vegan.
annicke offers juniper to go to the villageAnnicke said, “If you want to get out of the thunderstorms, you can stay with us in Hazel Village.”
juniper wolf
Juniper Wolf said she would be delighted, and the gentle friends hiked downhill. Many birds and butterflies came with them.
Juniper Wolf will be joining the Village on Monday, July 20 at 1 PM Eastern!