Ella's Winning Outfit Design Contest Capsule Collection

Last April, we asked all of you to design a doll clothing outfit and we were blown away by the hard work and creativity you put into your designs! We’ve been hard at work creating Ella’s one-of-a-kind capsule collection and we could not be happier with how it turned out!


Ella's outfit transformation


Jane looked at Ella’s design and said, “It must be knits!” Next, she interviewed Ella to consult her on different design choices and talk about their favorite colors! Take a look at some highlights from their interview:

Jane: Well, Ella, I was so happy that you entered again, because I loved the dresses you drew last year. And then when I saw your entry again I knew I recognized your style and I was like “yes!” I love the way you use colors. I would never think to use them like that but it really blows my mind. So I guess I’ll ask you your questions! There’s 2 types of questions: there’s questions about your process and your life, and then there’s questions about the clothes-- I had some things to clarify as we make them. So which do you want to do first?

Ella: Um, the romper with Ella Toad. I was thinking that we could make the places to put the arms a little bigger, because it’s hard to put the arms into them.

Jane: Oh, okay! 

Ella's Romper

Jane: Okay, so, on the scarf, did you want the fringe to be white or blue?

Ella: Mm, blue.

cozy scarfflower lights skirt

Jane: Okay. On the skirt, can you tell me about the flowers?

Ella: Um, the flowers on there are lights.

Jane: They’re lights?

Ella: Yeah, they’re lights shaped like flowers.

Jane: Okay, cool. This was one of my questions, are they pansies specifically, but they’re lights, okay. So then it’s kind of important that the yellow of the inside of the flower lights is like a paler color than the background, don’t you think?

Ella: Uh huh.

Jane: Okay I see, so then, what I thought was leaves and pollen above them is actually beams of light coming out? 

Ella: Uh huh.

Jane: Oh good, okay. That makes me love it even more.

big ladybug shirt

Jane: Because of how you use color so vigorously, I was curious if you have a favorite color. 

Ella: Pink.

Jane: Has your favorite color changed over the years?

Ella: No. It’s always been pink. 

Jane:  The reason I liked it was because the stuff you did -- you can’t see it just anywhere. Like it was so clear that it came from just your head. It was stranger than you would see in a regular children’s place or something. I got the feeling that you had put a lot of gusto into it. 

Ella’s Mom: She’s always done a lot of coloring, has always had the patience to just sit down. 

Jane: Cool! Do you have special crayons?

Ella: The sparkly ones. 

Ella’s Mom: A lot of different pinks! 

Jane: Yeah, I love that, all the different pinks and oranges and reds in your stuff. I used to have a painting teacher who said you should do that: mix a special color to be just what you want, not just use one because you had it there already.  Well, congratulations! Thank you for submitting these designs, I’m pretty excited.

Ella: Thank you! 

sadielouise portrait

Ella’s Knit Capsule Collection will be live on our website on Thursday, September 23rd at 1 PM Eastern! There is a limit of 1 of each piece per household. Thank you to Ella for her lovely design and thank you to everyone who entered our design contest this year!

Feel free to email us at hello@hazelvillage.com with any questions! 

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