Wake Up Day 2022! ⏰

When spring begins to spring, the Hazel Village animals play their noisiest instruments to wake up their hibernating friends. They sing, just as loud as can be: “WAKE UP! WAKE UP! TIME TO WAKE UP!”
Phoebe Fawn has called the Village band to wake up their hibernating friends! They have dusted off their instruments and put on new floral garments to honor the coming signs of spring. This year's six piece Wake Up Day Collection launches Thursday, January 13th at 1 PM ET! Limit of 2 of each product per household, please. Thank you friends!

Tangerine Hat for Dolls ($14)

What's that bobbing through the snowy forest on this wintry morning!? It looks like a juicy tangerine, hovering above the ground. Au contraire! It is a Hazel Village friend, wearing a stylish white cotton canvas bucket hat with a tangerine-esque substantial orange pompom perched on top. Everyone in the village, including human and animal members, agrees that this hat is the very pinnacle of fashion. So, friends, get one while the getting is good!

Zesty Pantaloons for Dolls ($12)

What better legwear to celebrate a holiday where your hibernating friends wake up and have a breakfast feast? Once those sleepy animals see these colorful and puffy pants, they will definitely say “Gee Whillikers!” and they will have some pep in their step. Phenomenal red heavyweight rayon from  Rifle Paper Co features a dazzling large-format floral print. Assertive pumpkin silhouette. These are part of a limited edition and they are not to be missed. Fortunately they are also hard to miss. 

Winter Rose Coat ($16)

What a nice coat! That’s what the hibernating animals say when they wake up on Wake Up Day and see their friends wearing this dapper get-up. Natural gray canvas features a classic Rifle Paper Co print of blue, teal, and gold roses. Peter Pan collar and a real shell button closure. Really a nice coat!


January Sky Overalls ($12)

You know in winter when the sky is very cold and clear blue? With only a few wispy clouds that are, we hear, made of ice crystals? It's worth seeing, at least that's what the sleepy animals tell themselves when they wake up from their hibernation on Wake Up Day. In that spirit, we present these sky blue cotton overalls, roomy enough for your Hazel Village friends to layer some long underwear underneath. Velcro back closure, will fit any Hazel Village doll or animal.


Oranges and Lemons Pinafore ($14)

Dazzling colors and zesty fruits are just the thing for a woodland creature who is just waking up from a wintertime snooze. Teal dress has a charming Rifle Paper Co print and a shape that’s perfect for layering.  

New Day Blossoms Dress ($14)

Sweet Rifle Paper Co print features roses in the peachy colors of a late winter sunrise. The animals are excited to see some bright colors in the snowy winter forest, so this is a great dress for them to celebrate Wake-Up Day! Cute puffed sleeves, Velcro back closure.