The Juneberry Festival

The Juneberry Festival Collection will be live on our site this Thursday, June 20th at 1PM ET!

The animals of Hazel Village celebrate the Juneberry Festival in early summer, when all the juneberry trees around the Village are festooned with bunches of plump berries. In the morning they visit each tree to gather baskets full of berries. Next they parade to the big Lodge kitchen to prepare juneberry pie, juneberry cake, juneberry juice, and juneberry jam – singing juneberry jingles as they work, of course. In the afternoon they dress up and perform their best juneberry dances. Then at suppertime, they have a juneberry feast. Sublime!

According to the animals, the best way to honor something you love is to let it inspire your outfits. Quite so! The items in this collection were designed to represent all the different parts of the juneberry tree, from its branches and leaves to its white blossoms and reddish-purple berries. Explore the collection below! 


Marvelous Juneberry Crown for Dolls – $18
Limit of 2 per household

At the Juneberry Festival each year, the animal who has gathered the most baskets full of berries is awarded this marvelous juneberry crown. It is always a bit tricky for the Villagers to decide whether they would rather win the crown or eat half their berries as they gather them. Fortunately, the animal who wins the crown is always happy to share it with their friends. This superbly plump crown was crafted from the finest hand-loomed silk, custom-dyed to the perfect juneberry hue. Expertly handmade by our artisan partners in Cambodia.

Juneberry Picking Play Set for Dolls – $30
Limit of 2 per household

A berry-picking outing requires the proper tools! This set includes:

  • A doll-size ladder handmade from real neem wood, for leaning up against tree trunks to reach the highest branches
  • A round and colorful basket hand-woven from water hyacinth stalks, for collecting bunches of tasty juneberries
  • An auburn leather carrying strap, embossed with a juneberry leaf and finished with an antique brass snap
  • A tiny paper map of Hazel Village, marked with the location of each juneberry tree, to aid you in your foraging





Tree Bark Jumpsuit for Dolls – $14
Limit of 2 per household

Though its lovely flowers and delicious berries may be most often appreciated, one should not overlook the beauty of the juneberry tree itself. After all, without a strong trunk and sturdy branches there could be no berries at all! This collared jumpsuit is a pleasant warm beige, reminiscent of the tree’s gray-brown hue. Its thin-wale corduroy texture echoes the vertical striations of the tree’s bark. Practical and cozy, with gathered cuffs, front velcro closure, and an overlap in back for your animal’s tail to stick out. An industrious outfit for any Hazel Village friend.





    Leafy Neck Ruff for Dolls – $12
    Limit of 2 per household

    For the animal who wishes to attend the Juneberry Festival with an air of refined grace, this leafy neck ruff is just the thing. Two pleated leaves of vibrant green linen frame your animal’s head and shoulders to create a strikingly elegant silhouette. A thin band of lighter green ribbon wraps around the ruff and ties in a bow under the chin. We could hardly dream of a more sophisticated accessory!



    Juneberry Dance Leotard for Dolls – $10
    Limit of 2 per household

    When the Hazel Village animals perform the Dance of the Juneberries, they wear costumes that evoke the splendor of a ripe juneberry. This short-sleeved berry-colored leotard is made from comfy cotton, with a thoughtful tail hole and velcro back closure. Just the thing for athletic juneberry choreography!


    Flouncy Floral Tutu for Dolls – $14
    Limit of 2 per household

    When the flowers of a juneberry tree are in full bloom, they create a frothy golden-white canopy. We think this tutu perfectly captures the essence of those lovely flowers. It is extra-flouncy, with a sparkling floral champagne-colored overskirt and a voluminous layer of our classic white-and-gold tulle underneath. The pale yellow elastic waistband will fit any Hazel Village friend. This tutu is sure to make the animals’ juneberry twirls all the more spectacular! Handmade with love in our Brooklyn workshop.



    White Blossom Tights for Dolls – $10
    Limit of 2 per household

    Dainty white lace tights with a floral pattern like the blossoms of a juneberry tree. Pair them with a leotard and tutu for dancing, or with a gown for attending a juneberry feast. Will fit any Hazel Village doll or animal.

    Juneberry Gown for Dolls – $14
    Limit of 2 per household

    A charming pale pink cotton frock, block-printed with dark red juneberry sprigs. It has a full gathered skirt and puffed sleeves as round as a ripe juneberry, and will fit any Hazel Village doll or animal. This dress is the product of true craftsmanship from our artisan partners in India: our original artwork was hand-carved onto a wooden block, and then individually printed by hand to create the fabric’s pattern. We think the result is quite stunning!




    Attend the Juneberry Festival on Thursday, June 20th at 1PM ET!