The Dance of the Flowers

The Dance of the Flowers collection will be available on Wednesday July 19th at 1PM Eastern! 
When all the flowers are blooming in Hazel Village, the animals are moved to encourage and celebrate them with a lovely coordinated dance. Naturally they require grandiose costumes to truly embody the splendor of the flowers. They do a lot of work in sections – for example, the animals who are being sweet violets might hold paws and skip while the wild rose animals do some twirls. Sometimes they lie on their backs and wave all their arms and legs in the air to really get the feel of a flower bending in the breezes.
The artwork for these flower petal skirts was painted by our talented workshop elf Sara! ✨
Meadow Vetchling Costume for Dolls - $36
Limit of 2 per household
Emma Rabbit tells us the meadow vetchling is a sweet little yellow flower in the pea family. This costume features original artwork of each flower petal printed on four skirt panels, which curl to create the vetchling’s distinctive charming shape. Yellow tulle underskirt adds volume, which Emma says is very important. Three matching tiny petals are sewn to a cotton headband and accented with pearlescent beads. Comfy cotton leotard in pale yellow.
Wild Rose Costume for Dolls - $36
Limit of 2 per household
“WOWIE!” That’s what the animals say when they spy a particularly bright flower, like the vibrant pink wild rose. Original artwork is printed on five heart-shaped petals sewn to a pale pink cotton waistband. Pale pink tulle underskirt for extra-flouncy twirling. Glittering golden crown made from sequined trim with knotted tassel accents to evoke the flower’s center. Comfy cotton rosewood-colored leotard.
Sweet Violet Costume for Dolls - $36
Limit of 2 per household
Perfuming the breezes with their scent, sweet violets are among the loveliest of wildflowers. Gwendolyn says dressing up as a sweet violet inspires her to try fancier dance moves, which is a nice bonus. Five petals printed with original artwork make up this costume’s skirt, sewn to a pale purple cotton waistband and layered underneath with matching tulle. The sweet violet crown is a mossy green velvet ribbon with three bright purple pompoms. Comfy cotton leotard in cool gray.
Sir Cattail Costume for Dolls - $42
Limit of 2 per household
Who is Sir Cattail, you ask? The animals tell us that anyone who appreciates how cool cattails are is worthy of the title. Did you know that cattails help keep their wetland environments healthy and clean? Pretty neat! Sage green corduroy cotton jacket and matching suspender trousers, fancily trimmed in metallic gold. Front velcro closure on the jacket and back velcro closure with a tail hole on the trousers. Tall cotton velveteen hat in deep brown with white bobble trim evokes an elegantly fluffy cattail. With a metallic gold brim and chin strap (which fastens with a real shell button), this hat completes the distinguished ensemble. Just the thing to wear while playing music to accompany ones’ friends as they dance.
Mini Bumblebee - $16
Limit of 2 per household
BZZ BZZ BZZ! That’s the noise a bumblebee makes, or so we hear from Max Raccoon. He also says that bumblebees are fuzzy, which makes them his favorite type of bee. This charmingly rotund bumblebee dolly is made in proper striped fashion from black, yellow and white organic cotton fleece. Featuring two antennae, six little legs, and tiny embroidered wings. Handmade by our talented artisan partners in Cambodia.
Shop this collection on Wednesday July 19th at 1PM Eastern! 🐝🌸