Special-edition Gwendolyn Raccoon & The Gifts of the Year!

Gwendolyn Raccoon and her woodland animal friends enjoy every season in Hazel Village. They celebrate holidays; harvest the treasures of field and forest; and make nice presents for their friends. By the longest night of the year, Gwendolyn has made many fine presents and wrapped them up as nicely as pie. What will she do with them next, and what will she find in the morning?

The Gifts of the Year: A Collection coming Thursday, November 4th at 1 PM ET

In honor of Gwendolyn’s having her own whole book, we’ve made a special edition version with an ivory velour snout and plaid ear linings. The plaid is larger scale with shades of creamy white, grass green, pink, and denim blue. Each ear has a different part of the plaid, so each Gwendolyn is unique. Limit of 2 per household, please!

Special Gwendolyn 2021 - $44

Gwendolyn's Gifts of the Year Set - $68.00

Limit of 2 per household, please!


All year long, Gwendolyn enjoys the seasons in Hazel Village and makes nice presents for her friends. This limited-edition box set matches our new book starring Gwendolyn, The Gifts of the Year. It has some of her favorite outfits, presents she made for other animals, and even presents the other animals made for her! Set is packed in a wooden box stamped with her initials, and includes:

  • pink satin flower bonnet that Gwendolyn wears for May Day 
  • Blue striped linen berry picking suit that Gwendolyn wears on her trip to Thimbleberry Island
  • small basket that Gwendolyn weaves in the springtime from green willows, to give to Annicke Mouse
  • sweet smelling embroidered pillow, stuffed with lavender and mint, that Gwendolyn makes for Gracie Cat. In the story it’s a catmint pillow, but we didn’t want to make your cats go crazy
  • small iron-on patch, featuring the picture that Gracie Cat paints for Gwendolyn. 
  • Little scroll with the song “The Gifts of the Year” that Phoebe Fawn writes for Gwendolyn  and the other animals.
  • brown wool squash hat that Gwendolyn wears while she’s admiring the harvest bounty in the animals’ root cellar. 

This set makes a beautiful companion for Gwendolyn Raccoon and her book.

Gwendolyn's Berry Blossoms Dress for Kids - $56

Your little ones can match Gwendolyn Raccoon in this dress, featured in The Gifts of the Year. This dress runs in sizes 18-24 months through 6-7 years!


Gwendolyn's Berry Blossoms Dress for Dolls - $14

Can you find where this dress is featured in The Gifts of the Year? This burgundy dress features a custom berry blossom design by Jane!

Shop The Gifts of the Year and its accompanying collection at 1 PM on Thursday, November 4th here! It’s available for a limited time. The animals wish you all good things of the season.