Sneak Peek: Present Tree Dress-Ups Collection! 🎁

"May gifts of friendship, care, and love stay with you all the year!"
 - Lyrics from The Gifts of the Year, a song by Phoebe Fawn to Gwendolyn Raccoon
Hi Hazelnuts, thanks for checking out our sneak peek of the Present Tree Dress-Up collection! This collection will be live on our website on Friday November 19th at 1 PM Eastern. A mild spoiler warning if you have yet to read The Gifts of the Year: every piece of clothing from this collection is featured in the book. We're so excited to bring these outfits to life! We hope you love them as much as we do.
Our biggest collection of the year, we present nine new pieces of handmade doll clothing brought to life by our friends in Cambodia, knitters in Peru, and our local elves here in our Brooklyn workshop. This collection brings along five new styles of knit pieces made of the softest baby alpaca wool. We love all the details of each piece, and can't wait for you to spot each of these outfits in The Gifts of the Year!
As the holidays quickly approach, we wanted to thank you Hazelnuts for your outstanding support of our small company this year. Thanks to you, we were able to accomplish Jane's dream of creating her own storybook incorporating characters she thought up over a decade ago. Now, we continue to bring Jane's dream to life by recreating these outfits. We appreciate you shopping small, and shopping early this year as we brace for the busy holiday season ahead!
Owl Party Romper and Artemisia Romper
Speaking of the busy holiday season: you may notice that there are a few pieces of doll clothing in our photography that will not be launching on Friday. Due to some shipping delays between our artisans in Cambodia and our workshop here in Brooklyn, we have unfortunately encountered a hiccup with a few pieces of festive items. These two pieces, the Owl Party Dress and the Artemisia Romper, will not be launching this Friday but will be available sometime the following week. We apologize for this delay! As a thank you for your understanding and patience, we will be sure the Hazelnuts are the first to know as soon as they're up on our site.
Keep an eye out next week for their arrival ! There will be a small restock of this collection next week as well when we receive the final quantity of each product. Thank you for reading this update, friends! Now on to the goodies! :) 
Splendid Lilac Party Dress - $16
When the Bunny Twins, Emma and Penelope, said they wanted matching lilac party dresses with white neck ruffs bigger than their heads… some thought they had really overdone it this time. But in fact, their instincts were correct and when they wore their matching dresses to The Icicle’s First Twinkle in The Gifts of the Year, they looked totally awesome. Subtle warm lilac linen dress has puff sleeves and a full gathered skirt. And, of course, a huge neck ruff of crisp white cotton poplin, forming a pillowy background for your animal’s sweet face. Dress will fit any Hazel Village doll or animal who also wants to look totally awesome. 
Party Poinsettia Pants - $12

Max Raccoon’s spectacular pants from The Gifts of the Year, brought to you in real life with a festive Rifle Paper Co. print. Wide leg style, Velcro back closure, spot for your animal’s tail to stick out. These pants can (and should) be worn by any Hazel Village doll or animal. 


Party Headband - $10

This is the stunningly fancy headband that Flora Fox wears in The Gifts of the Year. We’ve made a real life version for your dolls and animals to share. Plum-colored linen headband is embellished with purple and gold brocade ribbon, and finished with a more-is-more pouf of wool yarn, glittery tulle, green ribbon, and a big white pompom. Dazzling, Flora! Headband looks great with the pouf pointing up or down.


Frosty Meadow Jacket - $16


Zoe Rabbit’s cozy winter coat from The Gifts of the Year, made in real life for your dolls and animals to share. Soft pale blue cotton fleece. Fully lined hood; cute pompom; real shell button closure.  

Sap Green Hat - $14

This is the hat that Gwendolyn Raccoon knits for her friend Owen Fox in The Gifts of the Year. Then she wraps it up as nicely as pie, puts it under the Present Tree on the longest night of the year, and waits to see what Owen will think of it. Spoiler alert: he loves it! Looking at the real life version, we can see why. The real version is hand knit in Peru from baby alpaca yarn, as green as new sap. It has a clever pattern of leaves knitted in, a cute matching pompom on top, and ear holes so your animal’s ears can stick out. Hat will fit any Hazel Village doll or animal (with the exception of toads, unless your amphibian friends would like a nice toasty balaclava for their faces).


Braided Cable Sweater - $20

Here’s a real-life version of Reginald Fox’s cozy sweater from The Gifts of the Year. We think it came out so well! Hand knit in Peru from baby alpaca yarn in a beautiful shade of warm red. Beautiful braided cables and pompoms on the front, back, and sleeves. Back button closure so the sweater can get over your animal’s head. Cute on any Hazel Village doll or animal. 


Breadbasket Sweater - $18

This cozy sweater reminds Gwendolyn Raccoon of the basket of tasty rolls at the animals’ wintertime feasts. She wears it to go out to the Present Tree in the morning in The Gifts of the Year. Warm baby alpaca yarn in a kind of biscuit beige color, detailed with a tricky hand-knit pattern of basketweave and bobbles. 


Acorn Squash Beret - $14

Lucas Rabbit looks so festive wearing this dashing beret in The Gifts of the Year! It looks just like an acorn squash, really more deep turquoise blue than green, with cute white bobbles decorating the scalloped rim. Convenient ear holes let Lucas’s ears stick out. Lucas can share with any Hazel Village doll or animal. Hand knit in Peru from baby alpaca. 


 Wintergreen Stripe Socks - $12

Cozy baby alpaca striped knee socks, expertly hand knitted by our artisan friends in Peru. Just like the knee socks Lucas Rabbit wears in The Gifts of the Year. It’s a teeny little picture of his legs, though, so we will have to take his word for it. Socks will fit any Hazel Village doll or animal, although they are super roomy on owls.  


Limit of 2 of each item per household for this collection!