Welcome Back, MAUDE SQUIRREL! ūüĆį

Friends, we are chuffed to introduce you to¬†this year's returning limited-edition animal friend: Maude Squirrel! Jane¬†originally created Maude way back in 2012, before Hazel Village had a workshop and even before¬†our permanent collection of woodland¬†friends was¬†established.¬†She made only a very small quantity of Maude and¬†sold her on Etsy! All these years later, we're so thrilled to be bringing Maude¬†back with a brand new design¬†along with a collection of charming¬†doll clothing & accessories. ūüĆ≥

Maude Squirrel and her collection will be live on our website on Wednesday February 15th at 1PM Eastern.¬†Read on for photos, pricing, purchase limits, and all the details on¬†each item! ‚ô•ÔłŹ


Maude Squirrel - $44

Limit of 2 per household

Maude Squirrel likes to go to Catalina's house to work on basket weaving. And whenever she finds an especially good nut she makes a record for the Encyclopedia of Nuts. It's an ongoing project. She has taught several animal friends to read, just so they can enjoy the wisdom in the Encyclopedia.






Maude's Winter Rose Pinafore - $14

Limit of 1 per household

Pinafore dress in black cotton calico has a pastel rose print and an eyelet lace ruffle on the bottom edge. Velcro back closure. Looks great on Maude Squirrel, of course, but fits any Hazel Village animal or doll.

Maude's Winter Frill Blouse - $12

Limit of 1 per household

Cream colored cotton blouse has an extra-frilly neck ruff. Maude Squirrel says it's ideal for catching little pieces of nuts and seeds when she's gobbling them up with abandon. Velcro back closure. Goes with everything!



Maude's Scholarly Trunk - $54
Limit of 2 per household

Wooden trunk is stamped with Maude's name, M. Squirrel, and fitted with a "quick reference guide" to some common tree nuts on the inside lid. Trunk contains some cozy and beautiful clothes for Maude to wear while she's working on the Encyclopedia of Nuts:

  • Swirly skirt in black cotton with ricrac trim and folk art ribbon waistband - Maude says the fruits on the waistband remind her of walnuts.
  • Brown velveteen bonnet with¬†ivory trim. Maude says it's her Thinking Cap.
  • Tunic in pale gray-green cotton with white thread embroidery in an oak leaf pattern.
  • Soft golden yellow lounge pants, for resting while deep in thought.
  • A sparkling ruby red necklace of tiny glass beads, strung on a red satin ribbon.




    Maude's "Zeke Sharpeyes" Dress-Up Set - $54
    Limit of 2 per household

    Who is Zeke Sharpeyes!? Maude is glad you asked. He is a detective and Maude loves to read stories about him and pretend to be him. Like when he found the last butternut tree in the woods, and brought butternuts for all his friends. So when Maude travels, she is never without her Zeke Sharpeyes costume, bundled within a special brown and tan bandana featuring eyebright and marigold flowers. Set also includes:

    • Zeke's cape with a special "sharp eyes" button.
    • Ivory and gray striped organic cotton socks.
    • Lounge shirt and leggings made from organic/recycled cotton with gold thread details.
    • Zeke's Detective Bonnet in gold corduroy with a sumptuous cotton thread pompom.






    While supplies last, Maude will be shipped to your home bundled in a special collectible Forest Canopy bandana! 



    Maude Squirrel and her collection will be live on our website on Wednesday February 15th at 1pm Eastern. Welcome back, Maude!! ‚ô•ÔłŹ‚ú®


    (Here's what Maude looked like in her original design, over 10 years ago!)