Launch Details - Vera Hedgehog! 🦔🐞

Vera Hedgehog trundles through the forest with her backpack, looking for good decorations for her hedgehog house. Like colorful leaves, smooth sticks, and snail shells with interesting patterns. “It can never be too frilly,” she declares.

Welcome, Vera! Vera Hedgehog arrives at Hazel Village Tuesday, October 12th at 1 PM ET. There are no limits on Vera & all her launch items. There will even be a restock of Vera next month! Along with Vera, the following products will be launching as well:

Vera's Basket Pack Set - $78


Here is a handy basket backpack, full of fancy and cozy things for Vera Hedgehog to wear. A minimalist animal might say that there are too many floral patterns, colors, and frills in here. To that Vera would say, pshaw. Set includes:

  • Coral and ivory basket pack, hand woven in Peru from the same fibers traditionally used for Panama hats 
  • Vera’s peach satin blouse, with Velcro back closure and eyelet lace collar frill 
  • Fancy skirt covered in a giant cabbage rose print 
  • Green merino wool leg warmers, the perfect size to keep Vera’s legs cozy between her leg bristles and her boots
  • Gray wool felt boots, decorated with cute red yarn dots 
  • A dainty yet practical apron, with heart-shaped sprays of tiny roses, a coral satin tie, and a hand-embroidered “V” for Vera. 
  • A lavender satin bonnet - with a frill, of course 
  • A set of six note cards and envelopes, emblazoned with Vera’s initials - perfect for observing the niceties of correspondence!

Tiny Ladybug - $16

Vera Hedgehog says that her ladybug dolly is named Freckles. It has six teeny paws, spots and eyes hand embroidered with cotton thread, and cotton thread antennas. Vera started a trend and now some of the other Hazel Village animals want ladybug dollies too. 

Vera's Velvet Cape - $14

Shimmering velvet cloak the color of grass seeds in an autumn meadow. It has lavender satin binding around the face and collar, and arm holes so Vera can still put on her backpack straps. Very fancy yet practical for trekking through the forest on a misty autumn day. 

Vera's default outfit is her cape and floral dress (photographed below).

Vera's Floral Dress - $16

Ivory cotton lawn dress is scattered with some of Vera’s favorite meadow flowers: goldenrod, cornflowers, blue asters, little yellow roses. It has a red linen Peter Pan collar, a cute pleated skirt, and a Velcro back closure. It will fit any Hazel Village doll or animal, and we think they would love to share. 

Vera Hedgehog - $44

Five new products will be launching Tuesday at 1 PM ET: Vera Hedgehog, Vera's Cape, Vera's Dress, her ladybug dolly (Freckles), and her Basket Pack Set. Vera's default outfit will be her cape and floral dress, but you can also dress your own Vera at launch time as well. 

Q: Is there a "buy all" button for this launch?

A: While there won't be a button to buy the entire collection, here is a step by step guide to purchase Vera and all her clothing & accessories. In the video below, we use Phoebe Fawn as an example!


2) Under "Choose Vera's Wardrobe" select Vera's Outfit. This will add her cloak and dress.

3) After Vera's outfit is selected with the checkmark, you can click on the green "Next Step: Expand Vera's Wardrobe" button.

4) Under the "Choose Vera's Wardrobe" section, click on "Tiny Ladybug" and "Vera's Basket Pack Set" to add those items.

PLEASE NOTE: You do not need to select the cloak or dress again under "Choose Vera's Wardrobe". Selecting these after adding them under Vera's outfit selection will add duplicates to your cart.

5) After you've made your selections, you can click the green "ADD VERA TO YOUR CART" button to add Vera and all her clothes & accessories to your cart.

If you are on a web browser, all your clothing products along with your doll will appear on the bottom left of the screen.

6) Once added to your cart, a screen will pop up confirming each item that was added to your cart. You can go to your cart to confirm which products you would like to check out with.


See a video demonstration HERE

Hazelnuts, curious to learn more about Vera Hedgehog? Tune into our Hazelnut Facebook LIVE event with head elf Jane for more details. Our Facebook Live will happen on the Hazel Village Hazelnuts group NOON ET on 10/11. Thank you!