Hazelnut First Look! Briar Baby x Hazel Village Holiday 2020

Happy Wednesday, Hazelnuts!

Now introducing our latest Briar collaboration: 4 new styles of pom pom bonnets for your Hazel Village friends!

Handmade right here in Brooklyn by the most industrious of elves, these miniature Briar bonnets are the perfect winter accessory. There are four different styles: Deep Pine, Periwinkle Grey, Shell Pink, and Coral Flecked Tweed. Each bonnet retails for $20 with a limit of 2 of each style per customer! The bonnets are each lined, and are made to fit the heads of most of our woodland friends (apologies to our toad friends).

And for those who missed yesterday's announcement - we've opened up a raffle for the remaining panda stock! If you didn't get a panda last Friday, this restock is for you! We’ve extended the raffle for another 24 hours, so if you’re interested more information can be found here: