Hazel Village Welcomes Primrose Cow! 🌼


Welcome, Primrose Cow!

Hi Hazelnuts! Thank you for giving our latest friend, Primrose Cow, the most wonderful welcome. Jane was inspired to create Primrose Cow after hearing about the Alpine Cows of Austria. Here's some more details on her launch tomorrow, June 16th at 1 PM ET:

*Hazelnut Exclusive* Primrose's Meadow Picnic Blanket - $14

This Hazelnut exclusive blanket is hand embroidered by a talented team of artisans in Cambodia, and naturally dyed. It will be available via this link tomorrow through this blog post, a Hazelnut email, Instagram close friend stories, and the Hazel Village Hazelnuts Facebook group. Limit of 2 per Hazelnut, please!

Primrose Cow - $54

Primrose Cow has special Liberty of London Ear Lining. She is $54 with no clothes, and has a limit of 2 per customer.

Morning Dewdrop Linen Dress - $14

Limit of 2 per customer, please! 

Primrose Cow's Meadow Trekking Set - $68

Limit of 2 per customer! Our initial quantities are limited, but there will be an opening for pre-order after the initial batch sells out. ⁠⁠

As this is a big launch, we do ask for your patience in regards to our shipping times. We thank you for understanding, and cannot wait for you to receive your very own Primrose Cow! ❤️⁠⁠